Fund for Villanova Law

Fund for Villanova Law

One of the most powerful and immediate ways you can help Villanova Law students is by giving to the Fund for Villanova Law.

Gifts to the Fund for Villanova Law provide the flexibility to respond to challenges and deliver critical resources that impact every aspect of the Villanova Law experience. Your generosity will make a difference, as these unrestricted, current operating gifts are used to fund financial aid for deserving students, curricular innovations, clinical opportunities, and much more.

Your contribution each and every year enables Villanova to provide students with a 21st-century legal education—one that now equips our law students with the business acumen they need to thrive in today’s highly competitive market, regardless of their chosen field. Every gift, no matter the size, helps to maintain the excellence that defines a Villanova Law education!

For more information on supporting the Fund for Villanova Law, please contact the Development Office at 610-519-7054 or

Alumni, friends, parents, faculty, staff, and students support the Fund for Villanova Law year after year. Please tell us why you give back via email and we'll add it below for everyone to read!

“What I see in Villanova, and what makes me proud to be an alumnus, is the institution concerned with fostering in its students a desire to be people of integrity, to use their knowledge and talents for good, and to be a part of positive change.” 
—Esuga Abaya '12

"My VLS education was the foundation of a wonderful and rewarding professional career."
—Peter K. Barbano '76

“Villanova, and specifically its mock trial competition team, gave me the 'real-world' experience in law school and put me ahead in trial practice.” 
—Vincent Barbera '09

“Villanova Law offered us an outstanding legal education that formed the foundation on which we both built rewarding professional careers. Through our gifts, we hope to help ensure that new generations of law students will have the same opportunity. Villanova continues to identify and educate strong, impeccably prepared and well-rounded professionals who consistently contribute at the very highest levels on behalf of their clients, the community and our profession. We are honored to support that mission.”  
—Jim '81 and Doris '81 Brogan

“Villanova Law took a chance on me and I am forever grateful.”

—Jason Danisi '03

"I support the Fund for Villanova Law to invest in the future of the legal profession. At Villanova Law today, students are receiving a 21st-century legal education in both the law and business. In addition to the law, they are learning the business and financial principles behind legal practice. This unique training will help them stand out from their peers, better serve their clients and enjoy successful careers. As a proud Villanovan, I know my support will ensure Villanova Law alumni continue to be leaders in the profession and beyond."
—Sean P. Fahey '91 CLAS, '94 VLS

"As a member of Villanova Law’s first graduating class in 1956, I have seen the Law School grow in size and stature, and produce an astounding array of distinguished alumni. I support Villanova Law because it is truly a magnificent institution. I have remained close to it during all these years and my career has been enhanced by its success. It has been an honor to know several generations of outstanding faculty members, many of whom became close friends. I have watched and participated in the many changes in legal education that have been pioneered by Villanova Law School, and I have proudly trumpeted them loudly to my peers."
—James P. Garland '56

"Villanova Law remains a leader in progressive legal education, intellectual discourse and activism. If it is to continue to build on this noble tradition and expand its reputation as an outstanding law school that educates, trains and develops current and future generations of advocates and social engineers who lead the fight against injustice and advancing the rule of law in our democracy, it will be because of support from alumni, industry and supporters of the Villanova legacy. Supporting Villanova Law School advances the goal of making the highest quality legal education available to a talented and diverse legal population."
—Thomas G. Jackson '91

"[Villanova Law] was instrumental in my development."
—William C. Johnson, Jr. '99

“The VLS community has supported me in my career endeavors, and I am now in a position to support VLS.”
—Justin Kerner '10

“VLS is our beloved alma mater.”

—The Honorable John P. Lavelle '58

"Villanova Law School provided me with the basis upon which to build an interesting and rewarding career. My annual giving contributions are my way of showing my gratitude for that opportunity.” 

—Marina Liacouras '77

“I give and volunteer my time to VLS because I believe it is important for us to continue to build and strengthen this community that we are fortunate to be a part of.”

—Julie Lu '98

“I give because of the unique and enriching opportunities that VLS has allowed me and countless others to experience. Giving back to Villanova provides scholarships, and allows the Clinics to do great work for the less fortunate members of our community, and provides invaluable experience that shapes new lawyers. Giving enables symposia that attract scholars of specific fields, and even creates ways for students to not only thrive individually, but as classmates who will become dedicated members of the Villanova professional network. I give because I want the great memories and tools that VLS has given me to be passed down to future generations of Villanova students.”

—Meaghan McGrath '13

"I had a good experience [at Villanova Law]."

—Eve Mizerak '13

"I support VLS because it has provided me the opportunity to lead one of the most exciting and fulfilling lives anyone could imagine."

—Thomas A. Riley, Jr. '64

“Villanova's dual-degree programs’ accomplished faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities have supported me through my education, while the school's strong alumni network has provided me with invaluable access to post-graduate opportunities. I choose to support Villanova Law so that it may continue to match future students with the training and opportunities necessary to find success.”

—Seth Stern '13

“As a student, I was taught by passionate professors and now, as an attorney, I learn daily from alumni whom I am fortunate to work beside. The practitioners that Villanova Law produces are outstanding, and I give to the Law School so that legacy endures.”
—Marrielle Van Rossum '12

"I support VLS because of the wonderful education I received from VLS and the experience I had while I was there. It prepared me well for my career."

—Patricia Vella '96

“I received a quality legal education at VLS, made many friends and got needed scholarship help." 
—David Williams '73

“I credit [Villanova Law School's] excellent law program for much of my success.”
Danielle Yearick '97

“I would not be where I am today, doing what I love to do, without the education and support I received from Villanova Law! It’s my turn to give back and 'pay it forward' for future students.” 

—Debbie Zateeny '77

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