University Information Technologies (UNIT) is a team of motivated professionals whose mission is to provide innovative solutions and services to our university. By leveraging people, process, technology and a commitment to service excellence, UNIT is focused on enhancing teaching, learning, research and the technological experience in partnership with our faculty, staff and students.

UNIT is comprised of 9 divisions with 105 professional staff that are located in 6 locations across campus.


UNIT’s 2016-2017 Annual Report

Welcome to the 2016-2017 UNIT Annual Report.  Over the last year, UNIT has been involved in various technology initiatives and completed large campus wide projects.  Working and collaborating with faculty, staff, students, and key stakeholders, UNIT remains focused on enhancing our teaching, learning and research capabilities and the overal technological experience  for our community.  

UNIT is proud to present its 2016-2017 UNIT Annual Report and UNIT Annual Report 2016-17 Highlight video outlining these initiatives.

UNIT is proud to announce that Villanova is now a member of  Eduroam-global Wifi Roaming.  This service is designed to allow active students, faculty, and staff to use their home institution's credentials to connect wirelessly and securely to the Internet while visiting other participating institutions.  With this new offering, there is no need to set up a guest account at the visited institutions. You will be able to use your Villanova MyNova credentials ( to access the wireless network at participating educational and research institutions.  Click here to find out where Eduroam is supported and access a of list of over 300 institutions in the U.S. We will begin to be implementing the service here on Campus during the Summer.  

Dear Colleagues,

As we all know, the online space has risks. Evidenced by several recent high-profile incidents, universities continue to be targets of cyber-attacks and data breaches. People across campus have been contacting us with questions on how to stay safe online both at work and at home.  In order to build awareness of online risks and educate our community on preventative measures, UNIT has made available a series of IT Security Awareness Videos.

These videos are brief and easily digestible, and cover topics including: creation of a strong password, avoiding phishing scams, protecting your email and IM, mobile device security, safe social networking practices, and protecting your home computer. There are ten technology-centered “basic training” videos we strongly encourage you to view. Each video is about 3 minutes, and viewing them all will take about ½ hour. Please note, you do not have to view all ten in one session.  

After viewing the basic training videos, more advanced optional videos are available, including important compliance-related topics; they too are only about 3 minutes each. The goal of the IT Security Awareness Videos is to provide the tools and additional awareness you need to protect yourself—and our community—in the information-technology world.

You may access these videos in the Blackboard portal:

1.      Go to Villanova University’s Blackboard website.

2.      Log in using your University username and password.

3.      Click on IT Security Awareness Program under My Organization on the right-side of the page.

4.      On the IT Security Awareness Program page, you’ll find a brief overview. View the Security Awareness Video to unlock 10 Training Videos to increase your awareness of technology security.

5.      Should you choose to view more videos beyond the Basic Training, watching all 10 will open up more Advanced Training videos, covering topics such as cloud computing, Wi-Fi security, and data encryption.

I hope you find the information in these videos helpful. If you have further questions, please contact

Thank you,

Stephen Fugale 
Vice President & Chief Information Officer | Villanova University

UNIT focuses on communicating new services, upgraded or enhanced technology, and overall IT infromation to the Villanova community using a multi-channel approach of monthly UNIT Updates and Semesterly Progress Reports. 

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