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Villanova University Event Planning Website

Welcome to the Villanova University Event Planning Website.

How do you go about having an event on campus?
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This site provides the resources you need to plan a successful on campus event.

Prior to your event being approved and placed on the University calendar, it must first be reviewed by the Event Coordination Committee (ECC). Please fill out the form below to submit the event information. Your event will be reviewed by the ECC. If the event date is approved, you will be notified and your event will be posted. If not approved, you will be contacted for additional information and/or clarification.

This process has been established to provide a University-wide system for event coordination and information sharing. Should you have any questions, please contact Chrissy Quisenberry at christine.quisenberry@villanova.edu or (610) 519-8882.

The Event Coordination Committee Members

Tony Alfano, Connelly Center
Mick Keelan, Athletics
Kevin O'Donnell, Grounds
Debra Patch, Public Safety
Chrissy Quisenberry, President's Office

Event Request Form

1 - 20      21 - 50        51 - 100      101 - 199       *Over 200

  Note:  If this event is subject to calendar, date and location approver.
* If 200 or more attendees, please email to Chrissy Quisenberry.