Question 1

Your professor is giving positive feedback about a group presentation you just completed.  Most of the research and effort he is referencing was handled by a classmate whose efforts have not been acknowledged because he/she has been mainly behind the scenes. You:

Question 2

My career plan is comprised of the following:

Question 3

Select the answer below which lists the four countries that are most likely to be ranked in the top 12 by population in the year 2050.

Question 4

Tell the truth, when acting as the banker in Monopoly, have you ever cheated while no one was looking?

Question 5

As a child, were most likely to get reprimanded for:

Question 6

The last time you received valuable feedback:

Question 7

Your direct report comes up with a cost saving measure to the tune of $1,000,000. Do you:

Question 8

How many of the following words are you able to define (without Googling them): Twittering, Open Source Coding, Cloud Computing.

Question 9

When confronted with a problem you have faced before, you:

Question 10

By what year is China’s GDP expected to grow beyond that of the United States?

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