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COE Upcoming Event

Symposium on

Perpendicular Magnetic Recording

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
8:00am to 12:00pm

Villanova University
The Cinema Theater, Connelly Center

Dr. Shunichi Iwasaki
Dr. Mark H. Kryder

Recipients of the
2014 Benjamin Franklin Medal
in Electrical Engineering

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Citation: For the development and realization of the system of Perpendicular Magnetic Recording, which has enabled a dramatic increase in the storage capacity of computer-readable media.

Registration and Breakfast (West Lounge)

8:00 AM- 8:30 AM

Welcome  (East Lounge)

8:30 AM
  Dr. Moeness G. Amin
Director, Center for Advanced Communications (VU)

Dr. Randall H. Victora
University of Minnesota
Fighting Physics: The Transition from Longitudinal to Perpendicular Magnetic Recording

9:00 AM
  Dr. Hisashi Takano
HGST, a Western Digital Company Perpendicular Magnetic Recording: From Research to Commercialization - Part I
9:25 AM

Dr. Yoichiro Tanaka
Toshiba Corporation
Perpendicular Magnetic Recording: From Research to Commercialization - Part II

9:50 AM
Break 10:15 AM

Dr. Jian-Gang Zhu
Carnegie Mellon University
Perpendicular Recording: New Heights for Data Storage Density

10:35 AM

Dr. Mark H. Kryder
Carnegie Mellon University
The Implementation and Future of Perpendicular Recording Technology

11:00 AM

Dr. Shunichi Iwasaki
Tohoku Institute of Technology
Perpendicular Magnetic Recording to New Civilization - From Science to Technology

11:30 AM
Close 12:00 Noon