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24H IQ Judging Sign-Up

All judging opportunities are full. Thank you for your interest in participating!

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Sat, Nov 15, 3:00PM-3:45PM - Opportunity Judging - This session is full.

This event takes place near the start of the competition. Students have been asked to go out to at least three separate locations on campus and just observe what they see. Based on their observations, they are tasked to develop three opportunities for new products/ideas development at each of those places, for a total of nine opportunities. They then present their opportunities to judges who will rank the opportunities and give them each points from 1-10 (1 for the worst idea, 10 for the best). Ideally, all nine opportunities would be great ideas, and the team would get 90 points total (10 points for each opportunity) for a perfect score.


Sat, Nov 15, 5:00PM-5:50PM - Elevator Pitch Judging - This session is full.

This event is the conclusion of the first day of the competition. Teams will have the length of time of an elevator ride (we will hold this event in an actual elevator) to pitch their idea for judging. A new team will give their pitch every five minutes, and there will be two rounds of elevator pitches for two different concepts. Judges will score each elevator pitch on how the team best addresses: what, so what, now what? Judges give teams a maximum of 20 points for each of those topics, for a perfect score of 60 points per round.


Sun, Nov 16, 11AM-12PM - Final Presentation Judging

This event is the culmination of the competition and combines all the work the students have been working on for 24 hours into one presentation. We are looking for serious, business-minded judges to serve as high powered executives in the dreaded Cat Cage, where students will give their final business/idea pitch. Judges will judge the presentations based on quality, and give a maximum of 150 points to the best team.


Prototype/Business Pitch Mentor - This session is full.

Student teams will be working on their prototypes and preparing their business pitches on Sunday morning, and we are looking for people who can serve as mentors on these tasks. The teams are made up of students from all disciplines and may have never created a prototype or business pitch. The helpful mentor would give them some advice on completing these tasks to earn the most points, and assist in answering any questions, or field any problems they may have as they work through the morning.


Sun, Nov 16, 9AM-10AM - Pop-up Mentor/Experts

We are hoping this competition takes students away from their regular routine and encourages them to learn something new. We would like volunteers with expertise in a particular area to serve as pop-up mentors and give small discussions on their areas of expertise (5-10 minutes maximum). Suggested topics: Prototype development, Marketing for Tradeshow, Business Pitch, Selling to Customer. These mini speaker events would be happening in other rooms at scheduled times, and students could pop in for a for a quick tutorial on a skill that would help them in creating their prototype, gaining attention at their tradeshow, and presenting the best possible business pitch to win the competition.


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