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Unitas Building Bridges to Success Retreat Leader Application

UNITAS Retreat Leader Application

In the summer, incoming freshmen are given the opportunity to attend our annual UNITAS Building Bridges to Success Retreat.  Dozens of incoming students meet existing student leaders, faculty, staff and administrative leaders in a comfortable setting.  Our Mission is: 

  • to develop positive sense of self
  • to develop the attitude and skills to be a successful college student;
  • to be able to cope with developmental changes over the college years
  • to understand the impact of culture (family upbringing, race, ethnicity, gender, family income, community, religion, body type, mental or physical differences, sexual orientation, geographic location, age, and other social identifiers) on the individualís perceptions and values
  • to develop a sense of social ethics and responsibility
  • to create a network of social support in the Villanova community. 

This network includes students, faculty, and staff.

In applying for the position of Leader you will have to be in constant communication with Charisma Presley and the Co-Chairs of the weekend.  It is mandatory for all Leaders and VIPís to attend a formal training the date of which will be announced after the application process is complete.  As a Leader you will also have to be able to take charge of situations and be able to effectively handle conflicts, should any arise.  Students who are chosen for this position must be highly self-sufficient.  This position requires a certain level of maturity and responsibility and hence a certain amount of trust must be established.  Please be informed that any violation of the student code of conduct during training or the weekend will result in a meeting with the Dean and appropriate disciplinary action will follow.

Student leaders must be available for the entire duration of the weekend (from 3:00 p.m. on Thursday until the last student leaves on Sunday), making sure that all students are being cared for and that everything runs smoothly.  Leaders must also be available for spring training and summer training.  As previously stated, this is a very serious commitment that you should not apply for unless you will be completely devoted to the weekend.  If you feel that you are fully qualified for this position, please fill out the attached application and return to the Center for Multicultural Affairs by Sunday, February 8, 2015.  (SPRING Study Abroad Students' applications are due by December 5, 2014)Thank you in advance for your commitment and service to multicultural recruitment.


UNITAS 2015 Co-Chairs and Advisors

Alexandra Sobieski, Co-Chair
Mina Ebrahimi, Co-Chair
Annie Choi, Co-Chair
Priscilla Acquaah, Co-Chair
Jonathan Pryor, Co-Chair
Danielle Duval, Co-Chair
Nicole Davis, Advisor
Charisma Presley, Advisor

Job Title: UNITAS Leaders Job Category:  
Department/Group: Center for Multicultural Affairs/Student Life Location: 102 Dougherty Hall
Position Type: Must attend Spring Training (Sunday, April 12, 2015 from 11:00 am Ė 4:00 pm in Driscoll Hall) AND be available for the entire duration of the UNITAS weekend (from NOON on Thursday, July 9th  until the last student leaves on Sunday)
Job Description for Leaders
Job Purpose:
  • You will create a warm and welcoming environment for new students by staying positive, united and outgoing throughout the weekend.
  • You must be forthcoming and comfortable with being the first to participate in social activities.  Also, you must encourage your group members to participate.
  • You will not curse, engage in adverse behavior or develop inappropriate relationships with the incoming freshmen.
  • You are in charge of creating a name, mission statement and door tags for your group.
  • You are required to be present and engaged in all activities, including the residence life workshop, transitioning workshop, and Sunday activities.
  • It is mandated that you will be supervising and be present with your group at all times, including during the late-night games in the lounges.
  • You must be ready to wake up before the others and be the last one to go to bed.
  • You should be prepared to resolve conflicts or address situations at any time throughout the weekend.
  • You must attend all training sessions.
  • You must attend all morning/evening staff meetings and be ready to help with any additional duties as assigned.
  • Ability to motivate a group of people toward a common goal
  • Create trust and build confidence among group participants
  • Have problem solving abilities
  • Lead others by your own example
  • Able to practice good communication skills
  • Be prepared to work harder than the rest and willing to sacrifice for the benefit of all.
  • Be kind and treat others with respect and integrity.