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Martin Luther King Day of Service Leader Registration Form

Martin Luther King Day of Service
January 20, 2014
Leader Registration Form

Deadline to register - November 22, 2013
The Leader Registration Application is now closed. Thank you for your interest. Please sign up with one of our many groups to be a volunteer this year.

  Please complete this form to register your team/group for the
  Martin Luther King Day of Service.
  Deadline to register is November 22, 2013.

** Note the requirement listed below in order to be a leader of a
     MLK Day of Service Site.

  If you have a club or organization whose name you would like
  to display as the name of your group name, please type that
  in here. If you type nothing, we will make your name the name
  of the group. It is fine if you don't have a club or organization
  you are representing because we always have individuals register
  to volunteer and will need leaders for those groups.
Yes       No
Non-Vegetarian        Vegetarian

** I will attend the Partnership Dinner, November 19th, 5:30-7:00pm,
    West Lounge, Dougherty Hall where I will learn of the available
    service sites and work with that partner in helping their service project.
Yes       No
**  I will attend the Dream Dinner, January 20th,
     immediately following our Day of Service.
Yes       No
     Leader Training will be offered. Once you have submitted your
     registration, you will be emailed the choice of training dates.