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In sculpture we find the three-dimensional expression of the artist's vision or message. Be it a realistic representation of a Saint or an abstract statement of a particular mood or feeling, sculpture has traditionally been art meant to be experienced by the masses. The durable nature of the materials used (stone, marble, bronze, concrete, etc.) in creating these works of art lend themselves to public display and appreciation. In stark contrast to paintings, frescos and other sensitive works which need to be viewed in a controlled environment, most sculpture is placed outside, exposed to the elements, able to be touched, and viewable at all times of the day or night.

View the Religious Sculpture on Campus

We have on our campus a variety of religiously-themed sculptures which depict various Saints and Holy people of importance to the University and the Augustinian Order. Many have been landmarks on campus for decades; some are newer additions. Some preside over a place of tranquility and quiet reflection, while others tell a story or otherwise call us to action as citizens, Christians, and Villanovans. All serve to make our campus beautiful, significant and meaningful.

View the Abstract Sculpture and other Secular Statues on Campus

In addition to the spiritual sculpture on campus, there are several works that are not of a religious nature. Among them are abstracts and memorials to Villanova's successful athletic tradition.