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Stained Glass Windows in St. Mary's Chapel

Click Here to View the Stained Glass Windows in St. Mary's Chapel

All the stained glass windows in the main body of the chapel contain three parts: the main subject (1), i.e. a picture of Our Lady or a Saint occupying the top two-thirds of the window; a small panel at the bottom (2) which shows us some incident in the person's life; and the scroll (3), which expresses in a few words some virtue or characteristic in the life of the holy one. They have all been designed in a decidedly modern style, a departure from the windows we have seen in other buildings on campus (which tend to be more Victorian or medieval). We will begin on the gospel (left) side of the Chapel and continue to the last window on that side, then we shall begin in the same way on the epistle (right) side. Next to the statue of Our Lady we have placed the windows of her father and mother.