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Courtyard Statues in St. Mary's Hall

View the Courtyard Statues in St. Mary's Hall

Behind St. Mary's Hall are three courtyards, each with a statue and seating/meditation areas. I the first courtyard, nearest to the Chapel was a statue of The Young Christ. It has been temporarily removed as the courtyard has been overtaken for the time being while the use of the building continues to be in flux. The statue itself is meant to represent Christ at the age of an average seminarian at the time of the building's construction, i.e. about eighteen. He is reading from a scroll. It is the beginning of the book of Isaias, the prophet who most clearly foretold the coming of Christ and His life among men. The words are:

"The vision of Isaias. Hear, O ye heavens, and give ear, O earth..."

In the second courtyard is a statue of Saint Nicholas of Tolentine, O.S.A., and in the third is a statue of Saint Joseph. All altars, statues and mosaics are the work of the Angelo Lualdi Studios of Florence, Italy.