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Executive Board 2008-2009


Responsible for overseeing the functions of the Presidential Department and leading the organization. Additionally, the President is responsible for conducting the weekly Societal meetings.


Paul Parisi
Senior, Finance and International Business Co-Major, French Minor
Old Bridge, NJ

Internal Vice President

Responsible for overseeing the functions of the Internal Department and managing the membership of the Society.

  Christopher Bellotti
Senior, Accounting Major, Entrepreneurship Minor
Dix Hills, NY

External Vice President

Responsible for overseeing the functions of the External Department and arranging Villanova's Open Houses throughout the year.

  Robert Dormish
Senior, Finance and Economic Double Major
Pittsburgh, PA


Responsible for taking minutes at meetings and carrying out the purchase and distribution of optional Blue Key Attire. Additionally, the Secretary is responsible for dispensing all information about Blue Key to its' members.

  Hannah Smith
Senior, English Major, Peace and Justice Minor
Princeton, NJ


Responsible for the financial health of the organization, ensuring that our budget is maintained responsibly, and for distributing weekly awards to Outstanding Members.

  Andrew Eby
Junior, Accounting, Finance, Honors Major, Economics Minor
Baltimore, MD

Presidential Department

The Presidential Department of The Blue Key Society, led by the President, is responsible for annual maintenance of the organization. This includes Prospective Member Recruitment, New Member Development, and Website and Multimedia Productions.

Social Chairs

Responsible for arranging off campus or nightlife outings for the members of the Blue Key Society to encourage members to get to know each other better.

  Nick Pillarella
Courtney Pollack

Recruitment Chairs

Responsible for the marketing to and interviewing of all the prospective members of The Blue Key Society. They oversee the Recruitment Marketing and Interviewing Team and are responsible for ensuring the best people possible are accepted.

  Alain Durosea
Tina Lamsback
Christine Rutledge

Development Day Chairs

Responsible for educating and integrating new members into the Blue Key Society. They oversee the Midnight Madness and Development Day.

  Will Cullen
Jackie Olsen

Multimedia & Website Chairs

Responsible for maintaining an aesthetically pleasing, efficient, and user friendly website designed especially for the membership, prospective students and their families, and Villanova Faculty and Staff. They are also for responsible for the effective usage of multimedia to assist in all of the organization's different functions.

  Evan Hollenshade
Nicole Mainardi

External Department

The External Department of The Blue Key Society, led by the External Vice President, is responsible for matching all the diverse functions of the Society to the needs of the all the communities that make up or surround Villanova. This includes Historian and Continuing Education, Philanthropy, Socials, and Special Tours.

Special Tours Chair

Responsible for arranging groups of prospective students who prefer a private tour of campus. Not only do these groups need to be arranged, but the Chair must assign tour guides to them as well.

  Marjie Bernarducci

Philanthropy Chairs

Responsible for providing opportunities for the Society to expand its functionality and what it means to serve the Villanova Community. This includes raising money for other organizations both inside and outside Villanova and arranging Community Service events and activities for the members.

  Amanda Bernier
Kelly Rose Maguire

Continuing Ed/Historian

Responsible for documenting all of the events and activities carried out by the Society and updating the members on all things Villanova.

  AJ Gagis
Front Desk Coordinator   Laura Smith

Internal Department

The Internal Department of The Blue Key Society, led by the Internal Vice President, is responsible for managing the membership of the organization and the necessary functions of the Society. This includes Alumni and Senior Send Off, Families, Spirit, and Tours.

Family Chair

Responsible for managing the family board, made up of two leaders from each of the twelve families. Also responsible for family competition, including the point system and awards for exceptional performance.

  Laura Smith

Alumni/Senior Send-Off Chairs

Responsible for maintaining the connection between Past Members and Present Members. This includes making arrangements for Alumni and Seniors for Homecoming.

  Brenton Green
Maggie Holtgreive

Spirit Chairs

Responsible for putting together fun events and activities for the members of The Blue Key Society, thus ensuring that the members of the organization stay happy and motivated.

  Erika Esposito
James Saliba

Tours Chair

Responsible for the setup, maintenance, and attendance of regular tour and desk times for the Society. This includes rewarding perfect attendance and the strike system.

  Christa Roundhouse
Advisors   Erin Buckley
Kevin Noller