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How old is the Blue Key Society?
This 2008-2009 school year is the Blue Key Society's 56th year of service to Villanova!!!!!!

Where does the Blue Key Society get its name?
We are called the Blue Key Society for a reason. Originally we were known as the 'Key Club', which gave prospective students insight to the Villanova community. The 'Key' was meant to signify us as the 'Key' to Villanova . We accomplish this by giving tours, hosting prospective students, and running Candidate's Days'. As years progressed we wanted to align ourselves more closely with Villanova, and we were renamed the Blue Key Society'. The Blue was meant to connect us with Villanova's colors...Blue and White. Society was added to establish ourselves as an elite, prominent group of individuals who interacted with prospective students and their families.

How many people are in the Blue Key Society?
Currently there are approximately 200 students in the Blue Key Society.

How would you describe a Blue Key Society member?
The Blue Key Society is proud to say we have among the most diverse, energetic, outgoing and fascinating group of people anywhere on campus. It's for this reason that we have an absolutely phenomenal time socializing together. This occurs while showing the campus and through the socializing that takes place amongst ourselves at meetings, info sessions, Candidates' days, and our own formals. We're also happy to point out that our members either participate, or run many of the major organizations on campus, including, Cultural Groups, Fraternities and Sororities, Orientation, Special Olympics, CAT, Athletes, Student Government, Academic and Honor Societies, and everything else in between.

How does one join the Blue Key Society?
The process is indeed lengthy and rigorous, assuring that only the most willing and dedicated students join. This allows prospective students to have and enjoy an experience, or tour, that is second to none. The application process is simple. First, a student must attend an Information Session (see Recruitment Information for more information). Then, after filling out an application, students sign-up for a First Round Interview. It is here where two current students who have volunteered and been accepted to the Recruitment team are able to one-on-one ask the interviewee various questions regarding Villanova, looking for qualities that embody the Blue Key Society. After the first round interviews, applicants are evaluated and some advance to Second Round Interviews. In this round, two different Blue Key members and a faculty member interview the prospective member in various areas regarding Villanova and their dedication and perceived interest in the Blue Key Society. After the second round interview, prospective members are notified if they have been accepted into the Blue Key Society. Recruitment is held once a year in the fall.