Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity Committee 2017
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Diversity Committee (2017-2018)



The Mission of the CLAS Diversity and Inclusion Committee is to ensure a culturally conscious and inclusive environment among our administration, faculty, staff, and students. In our commitment to diversity and inclusion we evaluate, hold accountable, and serve as a resource for college departmental diversity committees. We aspire to be a voice for all members of CLAS to foster active dialogue and initiatives that promote the University’s commitment to an inclusive community.


The committee invites your ideas and suggestions, email clasdiversity@villanova.edu

Peter O'Neill

Peter O'Neill, PhD, explores Irish America’s encounter with both African America and Asian America. more

Kimberly Dark

Spencer Woodman is the winner of this year’s Association of Alternative Newsmedia award for investigative journalism for “Incarcerated for Years Without Trial." more

Event example

The Center for Peace and Justice Education presents its 2017 Adela Dwyer-St. Thomas of Villanova Peace Award to Susan Burton. more