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Levine talk

All are invited to attend the 2017 Program of Biochemistry Distinguished Lecture Series on April 21st at 3pm in Mendel 154.  The speaker this year is Dr. Michael Levine, Professor and Director of the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics and Professor of Molecular Biology at Princeton University.  His talk is entitled, "Visualization and evolution of transcriptional enhancers in animal development."  Learn more about Dr. Levine's work here.

January 2017: Congratulations Early Action Biochemistry students of the Class of 2021!  We hope to meet you at Early Action Candidates' Weekend in February!

December 2016: Congratulations to Dr. John Schmidt, a member of the Biochemistry program from the Department of Biology, on his latest publication. Dr. Schmidt contributed a chapter entitled, “The Role of Lysophospholipid Acyltransferases in the Golgi Complex” to the Methods in Molecular Biology book The Golgi Complex. Well done! 

August 2016: The American Chemical Society's national meeting was just down the road in Philadelphia!  Drs. Jen Palenchar, Peter Palenchar, and Barry Selinsky, along with students, presented work at this meeting.

August 2016: It’s the ‘Nova Biochemistry triple threat!  Drs. Jim Wilson, Dennis Wykoff and Matt Youngman together published their work on the Salmonella iprA gene.  Kudos to recent Biochemistry alumna Alexandra Kinnally for her contribution to the work!  Read more about it!

August 2016:  The Wykoff lab, along with Dr. Amanda Grannas of Chemistry, have published work on the thiamine signal transduction pathway in yeast.  Awesome job!  

August 2016: Kudos to the Kraut lab!  Their work on the proteasome has been published. Undergraduate Biochemistry students Gia Chirico, William Dewey, and Katelyn Bard all contributed to the work.   Well done!   

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