Graduate Studies in Education Plus Teacher Certification


This full-time intensive 12-month program offers individuals without an education background an opportunity to complete a Master of Arts in Education degree while simultaneously completing the requirements for teacher certification.

Our program is designed to aid the student in:

  • building on a strong foundation in subject matter;
  • developing a strong foundation in professional knowledge;
  • defining one's philosophy of teaching and of classroom management;
  • learning to apply research to improve teaching practice; and
  • understanding current realities in schools in the area.


Villanova now offers a part-time Master of Arts in Education plus Teacher Certification Program.  This program permits prospective teachers to complete their graduate certification requirements (34 credits in total) in two years.  Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis.

Program Details

The Masters of Arts in Education plus Certification program requires thirty-four credits which include courses, field experiences including observations in the schools, and student teaching. The track is normally completed in two semesters and two summer sessions (12 months) and exists for secondary teacher certification only.

Typically, applicants will have an undergraduate major in an academic subject area which they intend to teach (English, Math, etc.)  If candidates want to teach a subject in which they did not earn a degree, prerequisite coursework will be necessary before entering the Master's plus Certification program.  Specific program details can be found by clicking the links below.  

Course Sequence

Teaching Area Courses Required

We also encourage you to contact the Department  to discuss your particular situation.

Program Coordinator

Dr. Teresa G. Wojcik, 610-519-4620

Cert/Masters for Archdiocese of Phila. Teachers

Villanova University offers a part-time certification program for teachers in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia that includes courses in the foundation of Education and methods of teaching designed specifically for those interested in obtaining secondary teacher certification.

Beginning in the summer, this program permits teachers to complete the certification sequence in 2 years, taking one course each semester and one each of two summers. Students may also continue with more course work and obtain a Master’s degree.

Educators in the Diocese receive a 40% tuition discount.