Study Abroad

As an English major you have a range of options for international studies.  Many Englsih majors study abroad, all over the world, and we have two distinctive options: The Literary Experience in London, for students in the second semester of their first year, and the Abbey Theatre Summer Studio in Dublin.  See below.  

Our newest program is The Villanova London Experience, which enables you to spend the second semester of your sophomore year living in an exciting multi­cultural city, connecting the extraordinary resources of London with what you do in your courses—two distinctive courses from Dr. Lisa Sewell of the Villanova English department, including a course that can count as a Core Literature and Writing Seminar, along with three courses at an English institution.

If you are passionate about Irish literature, we encourage you to travel to Ireland for a summer or full semester at Villanova University's Center in Galway.  If you want to explore your talents as a travel writer, you may join others who share your interests in an annual trip abroad in conjunction with our department's Travel Writing course.  We also encourage you to consider a semester or year abroad at Oxford University, Cambridge University, University College London or one of the many other universities that offer study abroad programs.

Villanova has also recently introduced its one-of-a-kind “Summer Studio” option at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, where you can immerse yourself in Irish theatre.

Radcliffe Camera, Oxford Univ.
The Radcliffe Camera, Oxford University