Student Ethics Symposium 2016

The Student Ethics Symposium is one of the events held during Parent's Weekend.

Subcommittee for the Ethics Symposium

  • Mark Doorley , PhD(Chair)
  • Albert Shin, PhD
  • Mark Wilson, PhD


2016 Symposium Presenters

  • Alexandra Brodin

"Kakapo Conservation: An Aristotelian Approach to Environmental Ethics"

  • Kate Henderson

"An Ethical Approach to American Public Land Management"

  • Dominique Clark

"Justice in Society: A Universal Concept"

  • Matthew Nelson

"War: A Necessary but Undesirable Evil"

  •  Ana Song

"From Soup Kitchens to Universities: What Constitutes “Good” Service Learning"

  • William Manolarakis

"White, Harding, and Pope Francis on our Ethics and the Environment"

  • Austin Hake

"The Misplaced Support of Unethical Leadership and How American Values and Education"

  • Kristen Arnold

"Protecting the Amazon:An Ethical Argument Against Amazonian Deforestation"

  • Albert Lord

"The Wickedness of Steroids"

  • Daphne Lu

"Inside Incarceration Nation: America’s Greatest Disappearing Act"

  • Elizabeth Eby

"The Ethics of the Machinery of Death"

  • Meghan Murphy

"The Integration of Morality in Law"

  • Rita Marino

"Meat the Consequences:  Animal Agriculture and the Meat Industry’s Direct Effects and Ethical Wrongdoings on the Environment and Animals"

  • Kevin Powell

"Environmental Responsibility: a Human Burden"

Awards Presented:

  • Edith Stein Student Research Award in Ethics-Kate Henderson
  • The Augustine Award in Ethics-Matthew Nelson