About Us

Welcome to the Department of Global Interdisciplinary Studies at Villanova University! The Department  is comprised of two major academic units--the major in Global Interdisciplinary Studies, and the minors in Critical Language and Cultural Studies, which include Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian studies. In addition to these are other affiliated interdisciplinary programs which include Africana Studies, Sustainability Studies, and Irish Studies. Please feel free to browse our web site to learn  more about our programs.

Human beings speak and act from positions that reflect their historical, economic, political, and cultural contexts.  Social factors such as power, gender, race, sexuality, and class shape global institutions and practices in our twenty-first century geopolitical landscapes.  Global communities demand citizens who can analyze intersectional identities, overlapping diasporas, and the historical structures that produce them.  Global Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS) prepares students to bridge a range of disciplines and equips them for international careers that contribute to the global common good.




Learning Goals and Objectives



Power structures                     

Global literacy                                

Digital literacy                           

Intercultural competencies    

Race, gender, class histories Written and oral dialogic skills

Diversity of identities


Critical thinking      
Analyses of social/cultural forms        
Integration of theory & practice
Interdisciplinary research


Social justice

Experiental learning

Global citizenship

Application of knowledge