Gender and Women's Studies Program

Welcome to Gender and Women's Studies  

We offer interdisciplinary programs with a range of courses for a major or minor or a graduate certificate in Gender and Women's Studies. 

We are open to undergraduate students from across the University, from the College of Arts and Sciences to Engineering and the School of Business.

Because gender and sexuality are fundamental to the ways men and women understand themselves, a major or minor in Gender and Women’s Studies can enhance practically any other field of study. It is a discipline that continually asks us to rethink history, culture and identity, and in the 21st Century it continues to transform scholarship and fundamental assumptions in all areas of the humanities, social and natural sciences, and the professions.

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GWS Student Research Conference

Friday, April 6, 2018                   

Connelly Center, Villanova University 

Panels and Events: 8:45am-5pm 

Join us for the annual Gender and Women’s Studies Student Research Conference co-sponsored by Villanova University’s Gender and Women’s Studies Program and the Greater Philadelphia Women’s Studies Consortium. The conference provides a unique opportunity to hear both graduate and undergraduate research presentations and performances by students from regional colleges and universities. The conference is free and open to the public. No registration is required.

Full Conference Schedule


Graduate Assistantship - Now accepting applications! 

We are now accepting applications for the GWS Graduate Assistantship. The GWS Graduate Assistant will pursue a Masters in a department or program while providing twenty (20) hours per week of programmatic, administrative and office assistance to the Gender and Women’s Studies program. The Assistant will receive remission of tuition for all courses taken in the Graduate Division of Liberal Arts and Sciences up to the number of credits required for the completion of the Masters degree and a stipend per nine-month academic year.

Deadline: March 1, 2018.

Application Information and Form.


GWS Faculty Spotlight:

Dr. Katina Sawyer


At a time when gender issues in the workplace are in the forefront of the mainstream news media, Katina Sawyer, PhD, assistant professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences in Villanova University’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, is studying how a key aspect of workplace diversity could transform human resource strategy

Read more about the grants awarded to Dr. Sawyer and her research.


In the News! 


GWS Academic Director, Dr. Catherine Kerrison's new book Jefferson's Daughters: Three Sisters,White and Black in a Young America is available for purchase! 

Read Kerrison's Washington Post Op-Ed: How did we lose a president's daughter? What the disapearance of Jefferson's daughter can tell us about racism in America. 


GWS Programming Director, Dr. Shauna MacDonald was quoted in the Variety article: "Laura Ingraham, Shannon Bream Kick Off Post-O’Reilly Era at Fox News."

While having more women represented at Fox News, and in news more generally, is absolutely a positive development, the extent to which this will result in substantive content change remains to be seen,” says Shauna MacDonald, a gender-studies professor at Villanova University." Read the full article here.


Our Next Event!


Panel Discussion: Women in the Caring Industry

Featuring Melissa Hodges (Sociology/Criminology), Linda Maldonado (Nursing), Meredith MacKenzie (Nursing), and Lauren Miltenberger (Public Administration).

Moderated by Teresa Boyer, Founding Director of The Anne Welsh McNulty Institute for Women’s Leadership.



Co-sponsored by VWPN, Approved ACS Cultural Event

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Director of Academics
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Shauna MacDonald, PhD
Director of Programming
Phone: 610-519-4895

Joyce Harden
Administrative Assistant/ Events Assistant
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