Gender and Women's Studies Program

Welcome to Gender and Women's Studies  

We offer interdisciplinary programs with a range of courses for a major or minor or a graduate certificate in Gender and Women's Studies. 

We are open to undergraduate students from across the University, from the College of Arts and Sciences to Engineering and the School of Business.

Because gender and sexuality are fundamental to the ways men and women understand themselves, a major or minor in Gender and Women’s Studies can enhance practically any other field of study. It is a discipline that continually asks us to rethink history, culture and identity, and in the 21st Century it continues to transform scholarship and fundamental assumptions in all areas of the humanities, social and natural sciences, and the professions.

The 28th Annual Gender & Women's Studies Student Research Conference - Friday April 7, 2017

Connelly Center, Villanova University

Panels and Events, 9am-5:30pm 


Full Schedule


Every spring, the Gender and Women’s Studies program organizes the Gender and Women's Studies Student Research Conference to highlight and celebrate gender focused work produced by students from across the university during the previous year. Undergraduate and graduate students present their scholarship on panels or through performance.  This year, the conference is presented with The Greater Philadelphia Women’s Studies Consortium and will also feature work from students from many regional universities and colleges. The conference is free and open to the public. 


A Statement from GWS on Charles Murray's Visit to Campus

Villanova University's Matthew J. Ryan Center has invited Charles Murray to give a talk this week. The Gender and Women’s Studies program believes that a free exchange of ideas is the hallmark of a rigorous liberal arts education, and we take Dr. Murray’s invited speech as an opportunity to dissent from arguments he has advocated throughout his career, particularly in his 1994 The Bell Curve and his 2005 “Where are the Female Einsteins?": that African Americans, other people of color, and women are genetically less intelligent than white men, and that such genetics are to blame for the stratification in American society. These ideas, which Dr. Murray glosses with an appliqué of science, have been widely debunked by his own peers as outside the norms of responsible, sound scholarship. They are, moreover, demeaning to a large portion of the Villanova community and wholly at odds with the Augustinian values of our mission: unitasveritas, and caritas.


Our Next GWS Event! 

Queer Conscience, Straight State in World War I Britain

Seth Koven, Rutgers University


Driscoll Auditorium

Co-sponsored by VU Pride and the Departments of History and English, Approved ACS Cultural Event


Contact Information

Catherine Kerrison, PhD
Director of Academics, GWS
Phone: 610-519-4675

Timothy McCall, PhD
Director of Programming, GWS
Phone: 610-519-3897

Joyce Harden
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 610-519-4640

Office: SAC 488

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