Past Award Winners

The following students have received special recognition in years past:

2014 Winners

Best Undergraduate Paper: "'Within us and against us:' Adrienne Rich's Poetic Struggle Between Feminine Revision and Patriarchal Repression." by Megan Plevy

Best Graduate Paper: "The Great Gay War: A Queer Reading of The Good Soldier and Mrs. Dolloway" by Lee Levitt

Best Health Paper
: "Female Circumcision: Healthcare Implications" by Brian Hartmann

The Barbara Wall Award: "Policy Impact on Gender Equality in Chile: The Influence of Chile Grows with You on Female Labor Participation" by Kaitlin Thompson

Best Performance/Creative Expression: "Cause of Change and Deveare Smith" by Nkiruka Umegbolu     

2013 Winners

Freshman Winner: Nicole Conway, "Perpetua’s Rhetorical Narrative" 

Undergraduate Winner: Nina Friel, "Mary Kingsley: Society: Gender, and the Spirit of Adventure"

Graduate Winner: Mary Ann Kraftschik, "Abjection and the Lady of Shallot"

2012 Winners

First Year Winner: Alyssa Suhm,"I Cannot say the Words" Analysis of Celis in Shakespeare's AS you Like It.

Undergraduate Winner: Jennifer Fisher-Virginia Wolf: Not Just an Aesthete, Feminism & Anti fascism in Three Guineas and To the Lighthouse

Graduate Winner: Grace Oh, "The Reconstitution of Sisterhood in Augusta Webster's A Castaway

2011 Winners

First Year Winner: Grace Cipressi, "Silence Defies the Limits of Gender"

Undergraduate Winner: Alissa Ricci,"America's Debate on Mary Wollstonecraft: A Gendered Response to her Life and Work"

Graduate Winner: Alexandra Edwards, "Succession of Language - Women Talking to Women in Shakespeare's History Plays"

Barbara Wall Award Winner: Dan Macguill, "Hijab and Its Reform: The Limits of Western Feminism, and the Hope for an Islamic Alternative"

2010 Winners

Undergraduate Winner: Lillian Campbell, "'You're a Man, You See':Feminist Ideology in Black Panther Women's Poetry"

Graduate Winner: Lakshmi Balaji, "[Fe](Male): Gender Stratification within the Queer Community in India"

2009 Winners

Best paper, graduate:
Steven Schultz, "Actually, Darling, Debbie Does Doris"

Best paper, undergraduate:
Kimberly Marini, "Women in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man"

Best paper, first-year student:
Lauren Moyer, "Master Heldris Maintains Her Silence" 

Barbara Wall Award, graduate:
Carlie Allison, "Mediational Model of Risky Sex"

Barbara Wall Award, undergraduate:
Sandra Krogulski
, "Suffragette Autobiography: Smashing the Windows of Women's Writing"

2008 Winners

Best paper, graduate:
Ellen Meeker, "Sexy Spies and Mean, Manly Women: Mata Hari, Madeleine Albright and the Role of Gender in National Security"

Best paper, undergraduate:
Daniel Trucil, "My bloody resolutions… [My] womanish tears": The "Genderlect" of Sex in Phillip Massinger and Thomas Dekker’s The Virgin Martyr

Best paper, first-year student:
Margaret Banker, "Hero: Hardly a 'Face Without a Voice'" 

Foreign Language Award, graduate:
Alejandro Nevarro-Benbow, "Una aproximación discursiva a El beso de la mujar araña: la homosexulidad ante una ausencia de significado"

Foreign Language Award, undergraduate:
Erica Dolson, "Les Femmes dans La Musique Française"

Honorable mention, graduate:
Rebecca Steffy, "Poems, Lucky Pierre Style: Performing Poetics and Sexuality in Three Poems by Frank O’Hara"

Honorable mention, undergraduate:
Ryan Flynn, "Toward a Feminist Reading of Political Consumerism"

Honorable mention, first-year student:
Alex Puma, "Master Heldris of Cornwall: Man or Woman?" 

2007 Winners

Best paper, graduate:
Peter Nagy, "Challenges to Masculinity in The Point of No Return"

Best paper, undergraduate:
Meghan Kenney, "Defining a Female Aesthetic: Sharon Olds's Somatic Discourses"

Honorable mention, graduate:
Kelly Gesch, "Through the Open Window and Door: Transitional Spaces between Domestic and Public in Kathleen Clarke's 'Revolutionary Woman,' Sean O'Casey's 'Plough and the Stars,' and W. B. Yeats's 'Meditations in Time of War"

Honorable mention, undergraduate:
Melissa Weigel, "The Unimpressive Role of Woman in 'Nothing New'"

2006 Winners

Best paper, graduate:
Erin E. Connelly, "The Mother and the 'Other': Gwendolyn Brooks"

Best paper, undergraduate:
Christine Capetta, "Sybill Jones: A Struggle to Balance Motherhood and Activism"

Best paper, first-year student:
Anne Marie Bonner, "The Book of the City of Ladies"

2005 Winners

Best paper, graduate:
Michelle Wetzel, "Poetry of the Abject and Sublime: Sylvia Plath's Ariel"

Best paper, undergraduate:
Jessica DeLisi, "Mary Norcom and Harriet Jacobs: A Look at a Victim through the Eyes of a Victim"

Best paper, first-year student:
Angela Allen, "Swinging for the Fences: August Wilson and the African-American Woman"

Honorable mention, first-year student:
Mariam Malik and Erin McGrath, "Advertising Cigarettes to Women"

2004 Winners 

Best paper, graduate:
Catherine Holden, "Offering Their Skirts: Gender, Tobacco, and Strikes in Ybor City, 1911-1916"

Best paper, undergraduate:
Elisa Foster, "Tender Heads: A Phenomenological Study of Black Women and their Hair"

2003 Winners

Best paper, graduate:
Sarah Tarquinio, "Gender Differences in the Accuracy of the Interpersonal Trait Judgements at Zero-Acquaintance"

Best paper, undergraduate:
Valerie Fernandez, "Escaping Cultural and Feminine Oppressions: Sandra Cisneros and Her Autobiographical Heroines"

(currently no information for award recipients 1999-2002)

1998 Winners

Best paper, graduate:
Rachel Downey Metzger, "Letters from India: An Evaluation of a Missionary Wife’s Correspondence"

Best paper, undergraduate:
Sabrina Roaldset with Michaela Marion, Dana McCloskey, Tara Zagula and Lina Perz, "Women in International Business: Fasteners, Inc."

1997 Winners

Best paper, graduate:
Timothy Kirk, "Bioethics, BRCA1 Testing, and the Identitty of Women: Towards a Feminist Analysis of Genetic Testing for Predisposition to Hereditary Breast Cancer"

Best paper, undergraduate:
Elizabeth McIlmoyle, "Enchantment and the Treatment of Women in ‘The Eve of St. Agnes’ " 

Erin Neville, "Unveiling the Motherhood Mystique" 

1996 Winners

Best paper, undergraduate:
Hope Maloney, "Women in the Soviet Economy"

Kristen Siler, "Ancient Visions and Modern Answers: The Goddess as the Basis for a Contemporary Belief System" 

1995 Winners

Best paper, graduate:
Arden Elizabeth Thomas, "Re-Discovering World War One Women Poets: An Examination of the Literary History of the Great War" 

Best paper, undergraduate:
Kelly Beissel, "Treaty of the Sexes: The Works of Virginia Woolf"

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