Department of Humanities

Welcome to the Department of Humanities!

For more than a decade the Department of Humanities has offered students at Villanova an innovative curriculum that seeks to explore the most important questions of human life. Through an integrated series of courses, we ask the big questions about the meaning of life and the reality of truth, beauty, and goodness in our world, seeking answers that accord with faith and reason.

Our curriculum focuses on concrete questions that matter in living a good life, and we enlist the great minds of the ancient, medieval, and modern world to help us in this endeavor. Humanities faculty are specialists in complementary disciplines, including theology, philosophy, political science, economics, history, literature, and architectural history. Together we have crafted intersecting classes that equip students to debate, analyze, and discern how best to live a deeply human life.

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Department of Humanities

St. Augustine Center Room 304
Villanova University 
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085 
Phone: 610.519.6165
Fax: 610.519.5307

Chairperson: Dr. Mark Shiffman
Administrative Assistant: Luisa Ruggieri