JD-MPA Program

We are pleased to offer a joint JD-MPA Program with the Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law.  This program enables students to earn both a JD and an MPA degree simultaneously at Villanova.

Applicants must apply to the School of Law and the MPA Program and must meet the criteria for admission to both programs.  They must take the LSAT exam. 

Applicants are encouraged to apply to both programs before they begin their studies in either program.  However, applicants may apply in the second semester of their enrollment in one of the programs.  For example, JD students may apply to the MPA program during the second semester of their enrollment in the JD program.

Four law courses will count towards the JD and the MPA degree.  Four MPA courses will count towards the JD and the MPA degree.  Only students enrolled in the JD-MPA Program may have four courses in each program double counted as described above.

The MPA Director and the School of Law’s Associate Dean for Academic Affairs identify the Law and MPA courses that may count in each program. The School of Law will accept the four MPA courses toward the JD so long as the student earned a “C” or better.  The School of Law will change the MPA courses to appear as a Law courses on the transcript, but the grades for those courses will not affect the Law school grade point average (GPA).

The A&S Graduate Dean will accept four Law courses toward the MPA so long as the student earned a “C” or better.  The Registrar will list the Law courses as Law courses on the MPA transcript, but the grades will not affect the MPA program GPA.  In short, the Law courses will be treated as “transfer” credits.

Students must maintain a 2.75 GPA in the School of Law and a 3.00 GPA in the MPA program in order to remain in the JD-MPA program.

Students may complete one of Villanova’s joint graduate programs. For example, students may complete the JD-MBA or the JD-MPA, but not both.

While completing the JD degree, students must complete at least the four MPA courses that will count only in the MPA program and the four MPA courses that will count in both programs.  The remaining four MPA courses may be taken after completing the JD degree. The MPA degree must be completed within the normal timeframe stated by Graduate Studies. Students in the JD-MPA join degree program must complete the six required MPA courses (MPA 8001 through 8006). Effective in Fall 2017, all new students admitted to the JD-MPA program must complete the following six required MPA courses (MPA 8001, 8002, 8003, 8004, 8051, and 8300)

Students may not take MPA courses at another institution to complete the degree.

If a Law student works an externship approved by the Law School and by the MPA Director, then MPA 8010 will be waived. Otherwise, the student must complete an internship for an additional 3 MPA credits.

For more information, please contact the MPA Director or the Law School’s Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.