Accelerate Your Studies - The Combined Bachelor/Master Program

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Accelerate your studies and complete the Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Theology and Religious Studies and the Master of Arts in Theology in an accelerated timeframe of five years. Receive the Bachelor degree at the end of your Senior year; transfer to graduate status in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the end of your Senior year; and receive the master's degree upon completion of all graduate program requirements at the end of your fifth year of studies.
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10 Courses

The accelerated timeframe requires taking ...

  1. up to four graduate courses in your Junior and Senior years. These four graduate courses replace four undergraduate elective courses and count toward both degrees;
  2. six graduate courses in the fall and spring semesters of your fifth year of studies; and
  3. a Portfolio Review at the time of graduation from the master's program in your final semester of studies.

This course distribution permits you to graduate at the end of the spring semester or summer semester of the fifth year of studies. With the help of our Undergraduate Porgram Director you may also develop a different course distribution.


The admission to our 5-year Bachelor/Master program proceeds in two steps.

  1. Contact our Undergraduate Program Director about your interest in the 5-year program. The Director will plan with you four graduate courses that will replace four undergraduate elective courses.
  2. Transfer to the master's program during the last semester of your Senior year.


  1. The completion (or nearly completion) of four graduate courses with a 3.0 GPA or better.
  2. A 3.3 cumulative GPA in your major and a 3.3 cumulative undergraduate GPA.

Rules and Exceptions

  1. Expenses for double-counted courses are covered by your undergraduate tuition.
  2. The Dean of Graduate Studies awards you tuition remission for additional graduate courses (for a total of five courses, including double-counted courses).
  3. You are responsible for paying for five graduate courses only.