Below are several web resources that you may find helpful:

  • Marquette University faculty manual (
  • Campus Compact (
    Resources for service-learning practitioners. Includes extensive links to web resources, job listings, news, model programs, sample syllabi, and more
  • National Society for Experiential Education (
  • American Association of Higher Education Service-Learning Project (
    Information on AAHE's Service-Learning Project. Links to other service-learning resources and to other AAHE programs and partnerships.
  • The Big Dummy's Guide to Service-Learning (
    Frequently asked questions about service-learning answered. Addresses both faculty and programmatic issues and includes a list of "101 Ideas for Combining Service and Learning" in various disciplines.
  • The Colorado Service-Learning Homepage (
    Definitions of service learning, thorough listing of undergraduate service-learning programs with online course lists and syllabi, links to service-learning organizations, networks, and resources.
  • The National Service-Learning Clearinghouse (
    A searchable database of K-12 and higher education service-learning literature, information about Learn & Serve American efforts, links to service-learning information resources.
  • Indiana Department of Education Service-Learning Website (
    This homepage provides valuable information about funding, grants, organizations, and projects.
  • The Journal of Public Service & Outreach (
  • Michigan Journal of Community Service-Learning (
  • Edward Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning University of Michigan (
  • The Cornell Participatory Action Research Network Cornell University (
  • Action Research Resources University of Minnesota Extension (
  • Internet Resources for Participatory Action Research (
  • Policy Research Action Group (
  • Community-Campus Partnerships for Health (
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Sample Syllabi

Following are sample syllabi:

Campus Compact resources

Campus Compact syllabi

image of campus conpact