Inspiring Minds – A VSB Faculty Research Podcast

Series: Inspiring Minds is a podcast focused on thought-provoking conversations between VSB students and our world-class faculty regarding their recent research topics.

Meg Luo, PhD
Meg Luo, PhD
Associate Professor, Finance
John Sedunov
John Sedunov, PhD
The Michele and Christopher Iannaccone 91 Assistant Professor, Finance

Stephen Andriole
Stephen Andriole, PhD
Thomas G. Labrecque Professor of Business Technology

Lucy Chen
Lucy Chen, PhD
Associate Professor, Accounting & Information Systems

Brett Myers
Bret Myers, PhD
Assistant Professor Management & Operations

Narda Quibley
Narda Quigley, PhD
Chair, Management & Operations Associate Professor of Management

Kathleen M. Iacocca, PhD:
Kathleen M. Iacocca, PhD Assistant Professor, Management & Operations

Shawn Howton
Shawn Howton, PhD
Faculty Director, The Daniel M. DiLella Center for Real Estate Professor, Finance


Denise Hanes Downey, PhD, Assistant Professor, Accounting & Information Systems


Beth Vallen, PhD, Associate Professor, Marketing and Business Law


Caitlin Dannhauser, PhD, Assistant Professor, Finance


Charles Zech, PhD, faculty director, Center for Church Management and Business Ethics

Erasmus Kersting, PhD, Associate Professor of Economics and Christopher Kilby, PhD, Professor, Economics

Ray Taylor, PhD, John A. Murphy Professor of Marketing, Marketing & Business Law


Peggy Chaudhry, PhD, Associate Professor, Management & Operations

Suzanne Clain
Suzanne Clain, PhD, Associate Professor, Economics

Michael Pagano, PhD, Professor, Finance and The Robert J. and Mary Ellen Darretta Endowed Chair in Finance


Aronte Bennett
Aronte Bennett, PhD, Associate Professor, Marketing & Business Law