Master of Accountancy

Stay Competitive. Get CPA Ready.

Are you prepared to graduate with all 150 credit hours necessary to be eligible to earn your CPA license, or are you looking to transition into a career in accounting and need the academic foundation necessary to succeed? At VSB, the Master of Accountancy (MAC) program is designed to meet both of those needs.

The comprehensive curriculum integrates a wide range of topics to enhance students’ accounting and business backgrounds—and to help meet the real-world, real-time challenges of global business and the accounting industry.

When combined with an appropriate undergraduate degree, the 30-credit MAC program (10 courses) will provide you with the 150 credit hours required by most states.

Masters in Accountancy with Analytics

Recently, VSB partnered with KPMG to announce a specialized master’s degree in Accounting with Analytics. Created to develop auditors suited for the big data age, the program will drive students to think critically and develop problem-solving and analytical skills. The program combines practical use of modern analytics technology and data sets with real-world experiences on KPMG teams auditing some of the world’s largest companies.

Currently, this program is only available to select students from KPMG’s incoming class of new hires. Students should refer to their KPMG recruiter for more information on the application and admission process. Other interested students are encouraged to learn more about the Villanova MAC program, which will also include analytics as part of its curriculum. The program is currently being revised and the new curriculum will soon be posted on the website.

Master of Accountancy - Overview

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