Master of Accounting with Data Analytics

Data and its interpretations are having a profound impact on accounting and the way we educate future accountants. Businesses and accounting firms today expect more from accountants than technical know-how. They want data-driven perspectives—and those who can examine data critically and share meaningful financial insights are well positioned for success.

This feedback from top global firms helped shape the Master of Accounting with Data Analytics (MACDA), an innovative program that combines accounting with data analytics, analysis and other essential skills to prepare students to become multi-dimensional accountants.

MACDA offers a highly specialized program where accounting courses incorporate the latest thinking on data analytics. Our faculty trains students to ask the right questions about data as it relates to tax, fraud, valuation, risk analysis, performance measurement, and other accounting functions. Students also complete courses in leadership and negotiation in preparation for longer-term advancement opportunities.

The 30-credit MACDA program also provides students with advanced industry-specific credits which, when pooled with the appropriate undergraduate course work, results in exceptional knowledge in addition to the hours necessary to earn a CPA license. The inaugural cohort will begin in August 2018 and will graduate in May 2019.