Masters in Chemical Engineering: Degree Requirements


The Master of Science in Chemical Engineering program requires:

  • At least 30 credits of course work (10 courses).
  • For students who’ve completed 12 credits or more by the end of the Spring 2016 semester, a minimum of seven chemical engineering courses must be numbered 8000 or higher must be completed as part of the degree program; a maximum of three 7000-level chemical engineering courses may be applied to toward the completion of the degree program.
  • Students admitted to the program commencing with the Summer 2016 semester are required to complete the curriculum described below; students who’ve completed 9 credits or less by the end of the Spring 2016 semester are encouraged to complete the curriculum described below:      
    • 3 Required courses: CHE 8575 Thermodynamics; CHE 8563 Transport Phenomena (or CHE 8564 Fluid Dynamics if already completed); and, CHE 8551 Chem Kinetics & Catalysis
    • 2 of the following 5 elective courses: CHE 8571 Separation Processes I; CHE 8572 Separation Processes II; CHE 8579 Adv Process Model/Analysis; CHE 8550 Chem Eng Reactors; ME 7000 Advanced Engineering Analysis
    • 5 additional courses generally selected from among all CHE offerings (maximum of 4 at the 7000-level) chosen as part of a plan of study developed based on consultation with their academic advisor.
  • A minimum of 24 credits (8 courses) must be chemical engineering department course offerings; subject to the approval of the graduate student’s advisor, a maximum of 2 courses may be taken outside of the chemical engineering department (and will normally be “counted” as 7000-level electives when determining satisfaction of the program requirements).
  • A maximum of six credits may be replaced by an independent study or thesis project, which, if elected, will be guided by a member of the department faculty. Projects may take the form of experimental research, process design, theoretical analysis or a literature survey, and the selected topic is subject to review and approval by the department's graduate committee. Full-time students receiving financial aid are required to complete the six credit research project and prepare a thesis.

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Dr. William J. Kelly
Program Director, PhD and MS Biochemical Engineering

Dr. Vito Punzi
Program Director, Graduate and MS Chemical Engineering