Mechanical Engineering Certificate Programs

Working professionals are often interested in gaining more experience, developing sharper skills and increasing their knowledge in a specific area. Graduate certificates allow you to accomplish this in only four or five courses. Courses successfully taken as part of a certificate program can also be applied toward a degree in that field if you apply and are accepted into the related master’s program.

Villanova’s College of Engineering offers four Mechanical Engineering certificates and 11 more in a variety of other disciplines. Many courses and certificates can be completed through our E-Learning program.

Note that successful completion of the certificate program requires an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Mechanical Engineering Certificates

* Can be completed through the E-Learning program


A certificate in Mechanics and Materials will be awarded upon successful completion of four courses selected from the list below. These four courses must include at least one course selected from each of the two disciplines: a) Mechanics and b) Materials. ME 7000 can be taken as one of the courses that count towards the certificate but it will not count towards the required one course from either discipline.

Materials Courses:

Mechanics Courses:


Machinery Dynamics

A Certificate in Machinery Dynamics will be awarded upon successful completion of any four of the following courses:


Thermofluid Systems

A certificate in Thermofluid Systems will be awarded upon successful completion of any four of the following courses:


Electro-Mechanical Systems

A certificate in Electro-Mechanical Systems will be awarded upon successful completion of a total of five courses. One of these courses is required and the remaining four are electives to be chosen from the elective course list below. At least one elective must be an ME graduate class. Similarly, at least one elective must be an ECE graduate class.

Required Course:

Elective Courses: (Choose four from the following list)

Only one of these courses may be counted toward the Electro-Mechanical Systems Certificate.

While ME 7000 may be used toward these certificate programs, it cannot be counted toward two different ME certificates.

These courses will be accepted only if the selected topics are appropriate for the certificate, as determined by the graduate committee chair.