Harris Summer Innovation Program (HSIP)

Have you thought to yourself—or said to someone else—

    “I know how to make this better,” or,
    “I’m surprised no one’s thought of this,” or,
    “This idea has serious potential,” or,
    “I’m going to find the solution to this challenge?”

This summer, the College of Engineering and Harris Foundation will pay you and your team to pursue an innovative solution to a pressing societal or technological problem. Through the Harris Summer Innovation Program you’ll be given the opportunity to take your idea from paper to prototype.


  • A two-month (June 1 – July 28) innovation residency program
  • Open to all undergraduate engineering students and computer science majors
  • Student teams define a problem to be addressed, then design and build a working prototype


  • A $3,500 summer stipend, free meal plan (10 meals/week) and free housing in Villanova dorms
  • A $2,500 team project budget
  • Workspace and access to the College and University facilities and equipment
  • The potential for intellectual property that could lead to a business opportunity
  • A major boost to your resume!


  1. Identify the problem you’d like to solve
  2. Form your team, which must be comprised of 2-4 students with representation from at least two different engineering majors or science majors
  3. Select a faculty mentor to work with you over the course of the summer
  4. Submit a pre-proposal by January 26, 2018 to receive feedback from the HSIP committee, which can increase your chances of success
  5. Submit a final proposal by February 16, 2018


Submit up-to three project ideas in the form of a pre-proposal with the following elements:

  • Team Member Resumes: Submit as separate attachment.
  • State of the Art: Summary of existing solutions, if any
  • Preliminary Design Solution
  • Key Objectives/Work Plan
  • Summary of Team Expertise
  • Resource Requirements: Physical and Human Resources needed to complete project
  • Maximum Length – 2 Pages
  • Email pre-proposal: Keith.Argue@villanova.edu
  • Deadline: January 26, 2018

Teams will receive feedback on their pre-proposals on February 2, 2018. Teams submitting more than one idea will be encouraged to choose one project idea for their final proposal.


Teams can only submit one project idea for final consideration.

  • Final proposals consist of the same narrative components as the pre-proposal.
  • Not to exceed 2 pages
  • Team member resumes must be attached
  • Faculty mentor must be identified
  • Email final proposal: Keith.Argue@villanova.edu
  • Deadline: February 16, 2018

All teams will be notified on March 2 whether or not they’ve been selected to participate in HSIP 2018. 


If you have a question about HSIP 2018, please contact George Simmons, Director, Multidisciplinary Design Lab and HSIP advisor at George.Simmons@Villanova.edu.

If you would like to receive some preliminary feedback about your project idea, please contact a faculty member in your department or one of the College’s Entrepreneurial Minded Learning faculty:

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