Mechanical Engineering Research and Facilities

Ongoing research areas for faculty in the Department of Mechanical Engineering:

  • Autonomous systems
  • Unmanned surface and underwater vehicles
  • Biothermal sciences and cryopreservation of tissues
  • Energy efficient data center thermal design
  • Mechanical and thermal characterization of thin film nanomaterials
  • Computational biomechanics
  • Multiscale thermal transport

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Recent thesis topics:


  • Experimental Study of Enhanced Nucleate Pool Boiling Heat Transfer on Nanoporous Surfaces with Tightly Controlled Pore Size and Coating Thickness  
  • Vision Based Navigation of Unmanned Surface Vehicles in the Context of Maritime Competition
  • Predictions of Phase Change Material Thermal Efficiency Using Multiscale Analysis
  • Nonlinear Dynamics and Control of Unmanned Sailboats
  • Modeling and Measurements of a Novel Energy Efficient Masonry
  • Analysis of External System Components for Thermodynamic Modeling of Data Centers
  • Boundary Control of Harmonic Disturbances on FlexibleCantilever Beams Using Piezoelectric Patch Actuators
  • Manipulation and Characterization of Geometry-Dependent Nanoscale Thermophysics in Nanoparticle Enhanced Phase Change Thermal Energy Storage Materials

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