ME Analysis and Design I: The first of three-course sequence that teaches the fundamental methods of analysis and design in mechanical engineering. 

ME Analysis and Design II: An introduction to numerical methods for solving problems in engineering. 

ME Analysis and Design III: An introduction to topics of importance in mechanical engineering including matrix eigenvalue and boundary-value problems, optimization, and kinematics of planar mechanisms.

Thermodynamics I

Thermodynamics II

Fluid Mechanics

Heat Transfer I

Heat Transfer II

Analysis and Design of Gravity-Driven Water Networks: Analysis and design of pipelines, tanks, valves, and other components in a gravity-driven fresh water network. Also included: optimization of networks (cost minimization), small-scale hydroelectric power generation, and cultural and organizational issues in communities where these networks are installed.

ME Labs: More than 40 experiments taught to sophomore through senior ME students.



Conduction Heat Transfer

Convection Heat Transfer

Radiation Heat Transfer

Advanced Fluid Mechanics

Computational Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer  

Solar Thermal Energy Conversion