NovaTherm: The Villanova Thermal Management

Villanova’s Thermal Management Laboratory, NovaTherm, established in 2004, addresses issues of research and development in the thermal-fluids field as applied to both thermal management of electronic devices and to the development and implementation of sustainable energy technologies.

The development and implementation of sustainable energy systems is perhaps one of the most important challenges facing the world. Recent NovaTherm research has focused on sustainable design in data center environments. NovaTherm is proud to partner with the NSF I/UCRC sponsored Center for Energy Smart Electronic Systems (ES2) on this work.

Other ongoing research focuses on the design of nanostructured energy materials for transient thermal management of electronics, and on the development and study of nanostructured thin films for use as thermal interface materials.

The Novatherm Team

Dr. Amy Fleischer, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, is the Director of the NovaTherm Laboratory. The NovaTherm team is comprised of Ph.D. and M.S. candidates assisted by many undergraduate research assistants and works in frequent collaboration with researchers at both Villanova and other renowned institutions.


  • Sebastian Araya won the student poster competition at the ES2 Research Center semi-annual meeting. The meeting was held October 26-28, 2016 at the University of Texas Arlington. Sebastian’s poster featured his work on the “Recovery and reuse of waste heat from data centers using Organic Rankine Cycles”.  Congratulations Sebastian!
  • Xiaosong Liu just joined the NovaTherm research lab as a first year PhD student.  His research project will focus on Microencapsulated Phase Change materials.  Welcome Xiaosong!
  • Dr. Fleischer was the featured speaker in the Rowan University College of Engineering Speaker Series.  She spoke on the recovery and reuse of data center waste heat.
  • Yue Xu, Dr. Gang Feng and Dr. Fleischer just had a paper accepted by Carbon.  The paper is entitled “Reinforcing and shape stabilizing of phase-change material via graphene oxide aerogel.”  It is available online at Carbon’s website.
  • Dr. Fleischer published an opinion piece “Legos are the building Blocks of STEM” on the US News and World Report website in August 2016.  It can be found at
  • Dr. Fleischer got a funding for: “Acquisition of Atomic Layer Deposition Device for Nanoscale Materials Development Research” with $412,106. For more details
  • 2015 New book, Thermal Energy Storage Using Phase Change Materials Fundamentals and Applications
  • Authors: Fleischer, Amy S. Provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of energy storage using phase change materials
Image (c) WHYY 2014
Image (c) WHYY 2014
  • Drs. Fleischer and Ortega Speak to WHYY about Data Center Thermal Management - Oct 3rd, 2014

    Drs. Fleischer and Ortega spoke to WHYY Reporter Zack Seward about NovaTherm's ongoing research on the recovery and reuse of data center waste heat that is being conducted through the NSF I/UCRC sponsored Center for Energy Smart Electronic Systems . The interview was broadcast by WHYY-FM, the Philadelphia regions's NPR station. The interview aired on The Pulse, a weekly program that focuses on issues of health, science, and innovation.
    A print article and a link to the interview "At Villanova, working to slim the power-hungry ‘cloud’ ", can be found on WHYY's website located here. The interview originally aired on Oct 3rd, 2014 and was rebroadcast on Oct 5th.
  • NovaTherm is now part of the NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center on Energy-Smart Electronic Systems (ES2).


Dr. Amy Fleischer

Dr. Amy Fleischer
Professor and Chair of Mechanical Engineering
Director of the NovaTherm Laboratory

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