Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Test-Rig

Organic Rankine Cycle Test Rig
Organic Rankine Cycle Test Rig


This waste heat recovery system is tested through a test-rig. It was designed and built for the purpose of analyzing and proving the conversion of mechanical work and thermal efficiency by using two-phase working fluid. Currently, this test-rig is focused on low-grade waste heat recovery by using refrigerants. They have low boiling point temperatures and pressures which make possible work with system with low thermodynamic requirements.

The heat source which is represented as wasted heat comes from an Electrical circulation heater and distilled water is the working fluid which goes to transfer the heat to the ORC test-rig.

The essential ORC component is the Expander, which it produces mechanical work from the energy carried with the refrigerant which is at that point; it is hot and pressurized vapor.