Abington Meetinghouse in Tookany Watershed

The Meetinghouse site is the second stormwater control measure (SCM) at the headwaters of the Jenkintown Creek, following up on the successful implementation of the first rain garden at the adjacent property of the Abington Friends School.  The rain garden at the Meetinghouse was constructed in November 2016 and planted Spring 2017.  This SCM joins a series of current efforts, including a bioretention basin, riparian buffers, and the original rain garden upstream, to improve the creek's water quality.


The rain garden is designed for:


·         Drainage Area = 16,282 SF

·         Storm Size Managed = 1 in

·         Volume of Water managed = 1,357 CF

Ab Mtghouse Rain Garden

Abington Meetinghouse Rain Garden

Monitoring and Instrumentation

At the Meetinghouse site, our team is currently collecting weather, soil moisture, and water quantity data.

Weather data is provided by the weather station located about 900 ft Northwest at the Abington Friends School.

In July 2017, our team installed numerous pieces of equipment to monitor the performance of the Meetinghouse rain garden.  These include:

  • HydraProbe sensors at various depths in the rain garden to measure soil moisture, temperature, and conductivity.
  • A bubbler to measure the ponded depth of water in the rain garden during storm events
  • An additional bubbler linked to a Thel-Mar weir to quantify the water leaving the system through the perforated pipe-underdrain and domed riser

All of this equipment is contained within an on-site shed and is logged in 5 minute intervals and updated every 15 minutes to this website.



HydraProbe Soil Moisture Sensors


Bubbler to Measure Ponded Depth


Thel-Mar Weir at Outflow Pipe