The grant budget table shows the proposed amount for the design and construction of the pervious concrete site at Villanova. Villanova matched and exceeded all project expenses.

Grant Budget

Funding for the project was through the Pennsylvania Non-Point Source Pollution Section 319 Program. This support does not imply endorsement of this project by EPA or Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The design and construction was overseen by Robert Morro, Executive Director of Facilities, James Zaleski, Director of Engineering and Systems and Leo Kob of Villanova’s Facility Management Office. The design firm for the infiltration portions of the project was Cahill Associates from West Chester, PA. The site contractor was N. Abbonizio Contractors.

A breakdown of the final cost for the initial construction and two reconstruction designs can be seen in the tables below. Some numbers have been estimated due to bills including some work outside the Pervious Concrete site.

Construction Costs