2017 Presentations

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

1A Vegetated Infiltration


Remediation, Monitoring and Assessment of underperforming Infiltration Basins

Clay Emerson and Brendon Achey, Princeton Hydro


Rain Garden Evapotranspiration Accounting Method

Amanda Hess, NTM Engineering, Drs. Bridget Wadzuk and Andrea Welker, VUSP


Effect of Alternative Road Salts on Soil Leachate Quality

Karan Jain, Mallika Saha, Sai Kakuturu, Katherine Baker, Shirley Clark of PSU


45 GI test facilities on one campus: an introduction to Stevens Living Laboratory

Dr. Elizabeth Fassman Beck of the Stevens Institue of Technology

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1B Building Partnership


Regional Optimization for Watershed Mgmt: Lower LA River

Russ Dudley, Oliver Galang, Jason Wright, Paul Senker, TetraTech


China "Sponge City" Initiative and International Collaboration Opportunities

Yuming Su of Golder Associates, Shengyi Qin, and Meijuan Chen of Rechsand Science and Technology Group


Parallel Infiltration: Stormwater Education through Site Design

Andrew C. Hayes P.E. ForeSite Associates, Inc., Kathleen B. Craven The Pilot School, Inc., Geoff Anderson RLA Robinson Anderson Summers, Inc., Kim Hachadoorian The Nature Conservancy, and Jerome Heisler Jr., The Pilot School, Inc.


Multi-municipal Stormwater Compliance Collaboration: Lessons Learned

Naomi Young, Environmental Finance Center.,  presenting for the Christina Watersheds Municipal Partnership

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1C Vegetation and SCM I


Woody Shrubs for Stormwater Retention Practices

Ethan Dropkin, Cornell University


Plant health and survival in large bioswales along Interstate 95

Joshua Caplan and Sasha Eisenman of Temple University Department of Landscape Architecture & Horticulture


Soils in Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Tim Linehan, Philadelphia Water Department and Brad Thorton, Ground Reconsidered


Vegetation Field Studies to Guide Design of Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Rachel Streit, CHPlanning 

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2A GI Design & Tools


Dynamic Design of Green Stormwater Infrastructure

Ali Ebrahimian, VUSP PhD


Design-Build GSI, Stream Restoration and Floodplain Reconnection

Tom Graupensperger, Dewberry Engineering


Approved Alternative to Infiltration Design

Zachary Ranstead, T&M Associates and Domenic Rocco, PADEP SE Region


A New Web-Based Tool for Statewide Watershed Planning…and How to Use It!

Andrea Braga, PE, CPESC, Geosyntec Consultants, Inc.


Monitoring and Performance of Stormwater Control Measures on the Jenkintown and Pennypack Creeks

Sergio Carvajal Sanchez and Wessam Mohammed, VUSP

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2B Urban Case Studies


Easing the Turnover Process: Case study in 3rd party review of PSCM BMP

Dr. Katie Blansett, P.E. of Sweetland Engineering and Associates, Inc.


Combined Sewer Overflows and Frequent Flooding in Newark, New Jersey

Craig Wenger, Michael Baker Int'l.


SR 0095, Section BR0 Stormwater Management

Helene M. Brennan, PE, LEED AP BD+C, ENV SP, STV. Inc.


Hoboken's Green Approach

Gregory Duncan, BCE & Peter Bondar, T&M Associates


Hydrologic Monitoring of Urban Transportation SMP's - the I-95 Project

Dr. Robert Traver, Elizabeth Calt, Nora Schmidt and Stephanie Rindosh, VUSP

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2C Redevelopment


Lessons Learned in NOLA

Steve Dadio, Cedarville Engineering Group, Inc.


What Motivates Communities to invest in Water Quality?

Ann Sellers of Structure Green, LLC; Schuylkill Action Network


Green Stormwater Infrastructure Retrofits on School Property: Navigating Constraints

Jeremy Koser and Michael Galvin, JMT


Incentivizing SWM with Zoning Bonuses; Philadelphia's Approach

Sara Anderson, Philadelphia Water Department

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3A Smart Stormwater Systems


Real-time Watershed Scale Optimization of Stormwater Infrastructure

Conor Llewellyn, Opti


Exceeding SWM Requirements with Green Infrastructure

Linda Layer, Nave Newell


Stormwater modeling: How Much Complexity is Needed?

Robert J Ryan, Ph.D., P.E., Associate Professor, Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Temple University, Manahel Soro, Ph.D., Research Associate, Center for Sustainable Communities, Temple University


Effects of Stormwater Models & regulations on Achievement of Water Quality Programs

Dani-Ella Betz, Chester County Water Resources Authority


Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enable real-time, remote sensing of biophysical and anthropogenic conditions in green infrastructure systems in Philadelphia, an ultra-urban application of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Ziwen Yu, Karly Soldner, Aaron Israel, Matt Fritch and Franco Montalto of Drexel University and Stephen White of PWD

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3B Vegetation and SCM II


Urban Soil Health and Remediation Using The Scoop & Dump Technique

Miles Sax, Cornell University


Contrasting water relations in two frequently occurring urban street trees

Sasha Eisenman, Joshua S. Caplan, Russell C. Galanti, Stuart Olshevski Temple University Department of Landscape Architecture & Horticulture


The Use of Seed Mixes in Wetland Creation Sites as an Alternative to Plantings

Steve Wittig, Gannet Fleming and Dani-Ella Betz, Chester County Water Resources Authority


Green Streets – tools and methods for finding opportunities

Ted Brown, Biohabitats

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3C Water Quality


Real Time Nitrogen & TSS Removal in an Active Control Wet Pond

Micah Strauss, Opti


Floodplain restoration as a Stormwater Quality & Quantity BMP

Andrew Birmingham & Jeremy Koser of JMT


Using the Intl BMP Database as a Design Tool to Predict Performance

Shirley Clark and Bridget Ellebach, PSU Harrisburg


Interstate runoff water quality in a dense urban environment


Erica McKenzie, Benoit Van Aken, John Kelley, Temple University


Urban stream nitrate concentration-discharge relationships: implications for resilient stormwater systems

Jonathan M. Duncan, Claire Welty, John Kemper, Lawrence Band, & Peter Groffman

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Presentations from the second day of the conference can be found here.