Core Curriculum

Undergraduate engineering students may qualify for a Bachelor of Science degree in the College of Engineering by successfully completing all of the core curriculum courses outlined below, as well as those courses required for your engineering major, and a series of electives.



First Semester Courses


Second Semester Courses

*ACS (Augustine and Culture Seminar) is a requirement for the first year and may be taken in any sequence.
** Depending on major


Curriculum Specifics

Students must achieve cumulative overall and technical grade point averages of at least 2.00 in their course work.

All undergraduate degree requirements should normally be completed within a four-year period. Students are responsible to know and to fulfill all degree requirements.

Note: To keep the curriculum abreast of the latest engineering developments, Villanova University reserves the right to change the program requirements without prior notice.

Professional Development

View the Engineering Professional Development requirements and the list of approved activities.