Apply to E2 SI


A complete application to E2SI will include:

  • A short, informal essay (500 words max) telling us a little about yourself, and why you think E2SI would be an important addition to your academic program.  You should save your essay as a PDF and upload it along with your completed application.
  • A PDF version of your CAPP record from MyNova/Novasis.  See the instructions below on how to run a CAPP report.  You should save BOTH the “Detail Requirements” and “Additional Information” as PDF documents and upload them along with your completed application.
  • Submit the online application and upload your essay and CAPP record. 

What is CAPP?

Curriculum, Advising, and Program Planning (CAPP) is a degree evaluation tool available to all students via their NOVASIS accounts. It offers the ability to track a student’s academic progress toward completion of his/her degree and any minors. When the CAPP compliance process is performed, it automatically takes a student’s current academic information and compares it to the requirements for the chosen degree and indicates the remaining required courses. Read more.


Here's how to run a CAPP Report.

To access your CAPP records:

  1. Log into myNova
  2. Select “Novasis” from the menu on the bottom left
  3. Select the Student and Financial Aid tab
  4. Select Student Records
  5. Select CAPP
  6. Select the term from the pull-down menu (enter the most recent term you are registered in), and then click the Submit button
  7. Now you are in the “Degree Evaluation Record” page
  8. Use the “Generate New Eval – Engineering, PTS, VSB” option listed at the bottom of the screen

To run the CAPP report required:

  1. Click on the program radio button to select the program
  2. Choose the anticipated graduation “Term” and the click the Generate Request button
  3. Now you are in the Degree Evaluation Display Options page
  4. Click Detail Requirements
  5. Print the page as a PDF and save on your computer
  6. Click the back arrow to get back to the list of views
  7. Click Additional Information
  8. Print the page as a PDF and save on your computer
  9. Upload BOTH the Detail Requirements AND Additional Information pages to your application

Have your essay and CAPP forms ready to go?  Click here to complete your application.