2015 VSEC Results

1st Place: Vanquish Ink

The eMoney Advisor Prize, $5,000

Devin Good COE ‘16, Thomas Iervolino COE ‘16

About: Although many young adults express interest in getting tattoos, many are hesitant to do so because once injected, the ink is not easily removed. Using an ink comprised of iron oxide nano particles as a pigment, and a sterile alcohol solution as a carrier, the particles can be manipulated through the skin using electromagnets. We plan to provide both the ink and the tattoo removal equipment to tattoo artists and tattoo parlors. 

2nd Place: Coffinga

The Burke Family Prize, $3,000

Lincoln Escobar VSB ‘16, Andrew Cessna VSB ‘15

About: Coffinga is a 100% natural energy drink. We have looked at what ingredients are used by all of the popular energy drink brands and have found their natural equivalents to result in an organic drink without comparison. Visit www.moringadelight.com for further information on one of Coffinga's main ingredients. 


3rd Place: Vivify

The Memorable Care Prize, $2,000

Sanjit Singh COE ‘16, Shawn Vettom COE ‘16, Matthew Myers COE ‘16

About: Vivify E-mail a Friend A smart band and app that keeps you awake. There are many situations where falling asleep is detrimental to your well being (i.e. while in class, at work, or driving home). People mainly combat tiredness with consuming caffeine and/or interacting with passengers; however, these methods are not always healthy, available, or effective. Our solution is a wrist-worn device that constantly monitors your heart rate and vibrates if it senses that you are falling asleep. Depending on the situation, the band can also play music from your phone to keep you alert.  

Halloran Social Entrepreneurship Prize, $500; Villanova Runs on Holy Grounds

“VUers’ Choice” top video award, $500; Villanova Runs on Holy Grounds

Meyer ICE Awards

Faculty: Hezekiah Lewis, CLAS
VSB Student: Sergio Rizzuto-Flancbaum
VLS Student: Stephanie Rozalski
COE Student: Joanna Schaff
LAS Student: Alyssa Nazar
ON Student: Teresa Yang

Mobile Applications Class – Top App

1st Place, $500 – Q Music



II Luscri, Executive Director, ICE Institute

Prizes, prizes, prizes!

  • Memorable Care First Place Prize  - $5,000
  • Burke Family Second Place Prize – $3,000
  • Uncommon Individual Foundation Third Place Prize - $2,000 
  • “VUer’s Choice” Prize - $500, Awarded to the team with the best video submission as voted by the Villanova community
  • Halloran Social Venture Prize - $500, Recognizes the top social venture in the VSEC
  • Klingler Unitas Prize - $500, Recognizes the team that makes the greatest strides towards incorporating Villanova’s core value of Unitas through a cross-campus perspective in their mission and/or venture implementation plan

Note: Teams can place in the top 3 and still win categorical prizes for the opportunity to win more prize money.

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For questions, please contact 
For questions, please contact VSEC@villanova.edu

Any questions, please email ICE@villanova.edu.