2012 VSEC Results

1st Place - Vita Suction

Kyra Holmquest EE ’12
Emily Battinelli EE ’12
David Falco EE ’14
Julia Musso ME ’11, MSSE ’13

About: A low-cost surgical suction device for use in developing countries that may lack access to reliable electricity. Powering options include rechargeable batteries charged by the Solar Suitcase (wecaresolar.org), a 12 VDC battery, or grid power when available. Vita Suction can improve operating room sanitation and energy efficiency, while also helping to save lives. They received a $5,000 prize and were also named the winners of The Halloran Prize for Best Social Entrepreneurship Venture.

2nd Place - Liftoff Solutions

Cameron Piper ME ’14
Simeon Dubois ME ’14 

About: Training wheels innovation designed to prevent children from tipping over and injuring themselves when learning to ride a bike. It also provides standard two-wheel riding once the rider is in motion. They received a $3,000 prize.

3rd Place - Keep it Warm

Kyle Pucci ME ’14
Jeffrey Savio, VSB '12  
Timothy Szatkowski, VSB '12
S.J. Morreale, CLAS '14

About: A socially responsible winter weather apparel company. For each product sold, one is donated to a community in need, such as the Lakota tribe in South Dakota. The team received $2,000.



II Luscri, Executive Director, ICE Institute

Prizes, prizes, prizes!

  • Memorable Care First Place Prize  - $5,000
  • Burke Family Second Place Prize – $3,000
  • Uncommon Individual Foundation Third Place Prize - $2,000 
  • “VUer’s Choice” Prize - $500, Awarded to the team with the best video submission as voted by the Villanova community
  • Halloran Social Venture Prize - $500, Recognizes the top social venture in the VSEC
  • Klingler Unitas Prize - $500, Recognizes the team that makes the greatest strides towards incorporating Villanova’s core value of Unitas through a cross-campus perspective in their mission and/or venture implementation plan

Note: Teams can place in the top 3 and still win categorical prizes for the opportunity to win more prize money.

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For questions, please contact 
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Any questions, please email ICE@villanova.edu.