Academic Policy Committee

Academic Policy Committee

The Academic Policy Committee recommends policy in academic matters affecting more than one college. It is composed of faculty members, administrators, and students.


  • Dr. M. Louise Fitzpatrick - Dean, College of Nursing
  • Dr. Gary A. Gabriele - Dean, College of Engineering
  • Dr Adele Lindenmeyr - Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Dr. Patrick Maggitti - Provost
  • Dr. Christine Kelleher Palus - Dean, Graduate Studies
  • Dr. Joyce Russell - Dean, Villanova School of Business
  • Dr. Deborah J. Tyksinski - Dean, College of Professional Studies

Arts (Humanities)

  • Dr. Sheryl Bowen, Communication
  • Dr. Marylu Hill, ACS

Arts (Social Sciences)

  • Dr. Jennifer Dixon, Political Science
  • Dr. Olukunle Owolabi, Political Science

Arts (Humanities or Social Science)

  • Dr. Gordon Coonfield, Communication
  • Dr. Eric Lomazoff, Political Science


  • Dr. Michael Posner, Mathematics & Statistics
  • Dr. Joseph Schick, Physics
  • Dr. Dennis Wykoff, Biology

Villanova School of Business

  • Dr. Shelly Howton, Finance
  • Dr. Christopher Kilby, Chair, Economics
  • Dr. Tianxia (Tina) Yang, Finance

College of Engineering

  • Dr. Danai Chasaki, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Dr. Rees Rankin, Chemical Engineering

College of Nursing

  • Dr. Elizabeth Petit de Mange
  • Dr. Margaret (Peggy) Lyons


  • Brian P. King, Undergrad Student representative CLAS - TE 2017
  • Krupa Patel, Grad Student representative CLAS – TE 2017
  • Eriny Tawfik, Undergrad Student representative -TE 2017


  • Sandra Kearny, representative-delegate for Dr. Deborah Tysinski
  • Dr. Lesley Perry, representative-delegate for Dr. M. Louise Fitzpatrick
  • Dr. Andrea Welker, representative-delegate for Dr. Gary Gabriele
  • Dr. Craig Wheeland, representative-delegate for Dr. Patrick Maggitti
  • Dr. Daniel Wright, representative-delegate for Dr. Joyce Russell

Academic Policy Committee Minutes