Form Name Format Available
  Word PDF Excel Online
Direct Deposit        

Direc Deposit Sign Up Employee and Students

Direct Depost Sign Up for Vendors   PDF    
Tax Exempt Form        
Villanova University's Tax Exempt form   PDF    
Request for Payment - Outside Vendors Only   PDF    
Request for Payment - Instructions
Request for Reimbursement for Business Expenses - faculty, staff, and students   PDF    
Request for Reimburesement for Business Expenses - Instructions
Request for Advance - Faculty and staff only   PDF    
Request for Advance - Instructions   PDF    
Request for Meal Money for Athletic Team Travel   PDF    
Honorarium Agreement   PDF    
Insurance Requirements        
General Insurance Requirements       HTML
Preferred and Approved Transportation Companies       HTML
Motor Vehicle Records Consent Form   PDF    
Purchase Orders        
Bid Waiver Request Form   PDF    
Blanket Order Request Form       HTML
Sole Source Justification Form   PDF    
Terms and Conditions   PDF    
Travel Expense Reports        
For use without Procurement Card     Excel  
For use with Procurement Card     Excel  
Missing Travel Receipt Affidavit   PDF    
On-Campus Mileage Reimbursement        
*Please note that the radio button next to the Mileage rate for 2013 - Present is the default.
Mileage 2014-Present (2014 Calendar Year-Present)     Excel  
Vendor Account Activation Forms        
FedEx Account Activation Form   PDF    
UPS Account Activation Form   PDF    
Vendor Information        
Independent Contractor Agreement   PDF    
Independent Contractor Classification Checklist   PDF    
Independent Contractor Time Sheet     Excel  
New Vendor / Person Profile Form   PDF    
Vendor Evaluation   PDF    
Blank W-9   PDF    
Blank 8223   PDF    
New User Registration   PDF    
Approval Route Set Up   PDF    
Approval Route Set Up Guide   PDF