Nov. 2015 - Mar. 2016

Villanova Law

Faculty Highlights:

November 2015 - March 2016

Todd Aagaard

In the Media: Quoted in the Feb. 15 E&E Publishing article"How Scalia reshaped environmental law."

Caitlin Barry

Presented "The Right to Remain in Safety: The Impact of Community Leadership on Philadelphia's Immigration Policies" at the University of St. Thomas Law Journal Spring 2016 Symposium, Can Sanctuary Keep Communities Secure? on March 18.

Leslie Book

In the Media: Quoted in the Feb. 24 Tax Notes Today article, "Online IRS Accounts Promising But Need Work, TAS Panels Say."

Spoke at the first in a series of public forums on taxpayer service on Tuesday, Feb. 23, at the invitation of The Office of the Taxpayer Advocate.

In the Media: Quoted in Tax Notes Today's article, "Tax Authorities' Bias Against Poor Persists, Panelists Say," on Nov. 19.

Spoke at the International Conference on Taxpayer Rights on Nov. 19.

Andrew Brandt

In the Media: Quoted in the Dec. 28 NBC article, "Does Peyton Manning Have a Defamation Case Against Doping Claim?"

Patrick Brennan

His invited review of The Expressive Powers of Law: Theories and Limits (Harvard University Press 2015) appeared in the The Review of Metaphysics.

Gave two talks at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology (Berkeley), where he is a member of the College of Fellows. Speaking at the Fellows' annual Convocation, he addressed "The Catholic Imagination in Law" and "The Family in American Law afterObergefell v. Hodges."

His essay, "A Catholic Way to Cook a Hamburger: The Catholic Case Against McLaw," will appear in the 16th anniversary edition of the Villanova Law Review. His essay chronicles the topics and themes of the first decade of the John F. Scarpa Conference on Law, Politics and Culture, which he has organized annually since 2006.

Michael Campbell

Presented on "Medicaid Mandatory Managed Long-term Care Services and Supports in Pennsylvania" at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute's Health Law Institute in Philadelphia on March 15.

David Caudill

Gave a CLE presentation on the ethical insights for lawyers and judges in Ian McEwan's novel The Children Act at Washington and Lee University on Nov. 6.

Re-appointed for a five-year term as a Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne in Australia, where he teaches entertainment law or expert evidence each July.

Drafted a contracts question for the California Bar Exam for first-year law students in California law schools.

Lori Strickler Corso

Presented "We've Got the Numbers to Back that Up: Putting Metrics to Work for You" at the Greater Philadelphia Area Law Libraries Association's Winter Program on Jan 27.

Presented a CLE program, "Conducting Legal Research Online (How to Use the Internet for Real Estate)," at the Pennsylvania Bar Institute's 19th Annual Real Estate Institute on Dec. 10.

Michelle Dempsey

Appointed as a Fellow of the American Bar Association.

Appointed as a Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania Evelyn Jacobs Ortner Center on Family Violence.

Participated in an international conference of criminal law philosophers at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Canada, "The Ambit of Legitimate Criminalization in Domestic and International Law." The conference was co-sponsored by the Robina Institute for Criminal Law and Criminal Justice at the University of Minnesota from March 31 - April 2.

In the Media: Quoted in the Feb. 16 New York Times article, "A Tenacious Team of Two in the Cosby Case."

In the Media: Quoted in the Feb. 4 USA Today article, "What's next in the Bill Cosby criminal case?"

Moderated the panel, "Sex Assault, Harassment and Gender-Based Violence," at the Villanova Law Conference, "Sports, Violence and Equality: Current Issues in Title IX Compliance" on Jan. 29.

In the Media: Quoted in the Jan. 14 Metro International article, "Cosby case brings up definition of rape."

Organized and participated in a panel discussion of the work and life of Professor Alan Wertheimer on Jan. 7, in her capacity as the Chair of the Jurisprudence Section of the American Association of Law Schools.

Participated in the American Law Institute's "Project on Sexual & Gender Based Misconduct on Campus" Members Consultative Group meeting at New York University Law School on Nov. 20.

Presented a paper at Harvard Law School's Petrie Flom Center for Healthlaw Policy, Biotechnology and Bioethics, honoring the work of Professor Alan Wertheimer and commenting on his book, Consent to Sexual Relations (Cambridge University Press 2013), on Nov. 4.

Peer reviewed an article for the Journal of Social Philosophy.

John Dobbyn

His fifth legal thriller novel, Fatal Odds, will be published in hardcover on Aug. 2.

Keith Fogg

His paper, "How Can Tax Collection be Structured to Observe and Preserve Taxpayer Rights: A Discussion of Practices and Possibilities," was published in the Spring 2016 issue of The Tax Lawyer.

His paper, "The United States Tax Court: A Court for All Parties," was published in the Bulletin for International Taxation 2016(Vol.70) on Dec. 18.

Spoke at the International Conference on Taxpayer Rights on Nov. 19.

Abraham Gafni

Participated in a CLE program, "A Conversation with the Judiciary: Perspectives from the Bench," in Philadelphia on March 17.

In the Media: His article, "Can Mandatory Arbitration Agreements Ever Be Stricken?" appeared in the Legal Intelligencer on Jan. 19.

In the Media: His article, "Losing the Right to Arbitrate by Engaging in Litigation" appeared in the Legal Intelligencer on Dec. 15, 2015.

J. Richard Harvey

In the Media: Quoted in the April 27 Bloomberg article, "Delaware's $1 Billion Incorporation Machine."

In the Media: Quoted in the April 13 Bloomberg article, "Panama Leak Spurs Global Zeal to Crack Shell Companies, But How?"

In the Media: Quoted in the April 11 Politifact article, "Sanders: U.S. multinationals would owe $620 billion on overseas profits."

In the Media: Quoted in Tax Notes Today's article, "Reporting Rule Might Deflect Some Criticism of U.S. Tax Haven," on Jan. 21.

In the Media: Quoted in the Dec. 17 Wall Street Journal article, "With U.S. Asset Sale, Avon Joins an Exclusive Club."

James Edward Maule

In the Media: Quoted in the Feb. 16 New York Times article, "A Tenacious Team of Two in the Cosby Case."

Michael Moreland

Participated in a podcast on Zubik v. Burwell for the National Constitution Center's "We the People" series with Greg Lipper and Jeff Rosen on March 30.

Participated in a podcast previewing the oral argument in Zubik v. Burwell for the Federalist Society on March 21.

 Spoke on "Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt: Abortion Regulations at the Supreme Court" at the 31st Annual Medical Ethics Conference at Notre Dame on March 19.

Served as a respondent at the 18th Annual McElroy Lecture on Law and Religion with Kent Greenawalt and Andrew Koppelman at the University of Detroit Mercy on March 16.

Spoke on "Religious Freedom after Justice Scalia" at Marquette University Law School on March 7.

In the Media: Quoted in the Feb. 18 New York Times article, "President Obama Is Criticized Over Funeral for Scalia."

In the Media: Quoted in the Feb. 17 Today's Catholic News article, "Justice Scalia Remembered as Both an Upstanding Catholic and Jurist."

Participated in a faculty colloquium on Samuel Moyn's book Christian Human Rights at the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study on Feb. 2.

Participated in a debate on "What does 'The Free Exercise of Religion' clause protect?" with Marci Hamilton, sponsored by the Abraham Lincoln Foundation and the National Constitution Center at the Union League of Philadelphia on Jan. 26.

Spoke on a panel on "Federalism and Religious Liberty" with William Marshall and Carl Esbeck at the Annual Florida Chapters Conference of the Federalist Society in Orlando, Florida on Jan. 23.

Appointed to the Nominating Committee of the AALS Section on Law and Religion.

Spoke at an event, "The Present and Future of Religious Freedom" with Noel Francisco sponsored by the Lumen Christi Institute in Chicago on Dec. 10.

Delivered his paper, "When Is a Religious Institution a Religious Institution?" at the annual conference of the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture on Nov. 21.

Participated in a faculty colloquium on Randy Kozel's forthcoming book, Settled vs. Right: A Theory of Precedent (Cambridge University Press), at Notre Dame Law School on Nov. 13.

Participated in a colloquium on the future of religion and American democracy sponsored by First Things magazine in Chicago on Nov. 12.

Mitchell Nathanson

In the Media: Appeared on NBC10 in March to discuss his book, "God Almighty Hisself."

In the Media: Quoted in the Jan. 12 Reuters article, "NFL poised for L.A. move after 20 years of hard bargaining with cities."

Michele Pistone

Her article, "Disrupting Law School: How disruptive innovation will revolutionize the legal world," was published in the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation in March. The article was cited in PRNewswire and the Indiana Lawyer on March 15. She presented the paper at Indiana University School of Law, Bloomington, on April 8.

Named an Adjunct Fellow with the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation.

Attended, with law student Luis Canales, a United Nations listening session on March 23, which was called by UN Special Advisor Karen AbuZayd in anticipation of the Sept. 19 UN High-Level Summit on Addressing Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants.

Attended the Global Refugee Protection Advisory Council Meeting in New York on March 8 to plan for a two-day conference on Rethinking the Global Refugee Protection System in July.

Presented, "Expedited Removal and other Process-less Removals," at the Conference on Due Process and Access to Justice for Immigrants, at Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law on Jan. 26.

Directed and produced an 11-video series for the Association of American Law Schools on Teaching Pedagogy.

Made a video for the series, Formative Assessment Improves Student Learning.

Continues as a Fellow at the Institute for the Advancement of American Legal System's Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers.

Anne Bowen Poulin

In the Media: Quoted in the April 13 Philadelphia Inquirer article, "In Cosby cases, old files fuel new battles."

In the Media: Appeared on Fox News Channel in March to comment on Edward Archer preliminary hearing.

In the Media: Quoted in the Feb. 17 New York Times article, "Bill Cosby Sued Accuser's Lawyers on Eve of His Criminal Hearing."

In the Media: Quoted in the Feb. 1 New York Times article, "Cosby Case Highlights a Rivalry Between Two Lawyers."

In the Media: Quoted in the Jan. 31 Reuters article, "Odds are against dismissal of Cosby's sex assault case: experts."

In the Media: Quoted in the Jan. 23 Standard-Times article, "Cosby case may hinge on ex-DA."

In the Media: Quoted in the Jan. 19 CBS Philly article, "Expert: Cosby Defense Team's Castor Agreement Is Tough Argument To Win."

In the Media: Quoted in the Jan. 20 Philadelphia Inquirer story, "Cosby case could rise or fall on 'Bruce's word.'"

Shea Rhodes

In the Media: Quoted in the March 1 Chronicle of Social Change article, "Definition of 'Masking Crimes' Holds Up Penn. Safe Harbor Law."

In the Media: Her co-authored article, "Here's what Pa. is doing to fight human trafficking: Another View," appeared in PennLive on Jan. 11.

Michael Risch

Spoke at University of California, Berkeley School of Law's Annual Symposium on Software IP on April 14 and 15.

 Interviewed for KCBS radio regarding Apple v. FBI on March 22.

In the Media: Quoted in the Feb. 25 Bloomberg article, "Apple Pushes iPhone Standoff Toward Congress or Supreme Court."

Presented at the 2016 Works-In-Progress Intellectual Property (WIPIP) Colloquium at the University of Washington on Feb. 19.

In the Media: Quoted in the Feb. 11 Law360 article, "Apple's Aggressive Stance At PTAB Is Paying Off."

In the Media: Cited in the Jan. 21 Intellectual Asset Management article, "Self-regulation can only be the start in improving standards around IP research."

In the Media: Quoted in the Dec. 14 ABC News article, "Samsung Asks U.S. Supreme Court To Throw Out $399M Judgment." This article was also picked up by CIO Today.

In the Media: His co-authored article, "A patent reform we can all agree on," was published in The Washington Post on Nov. 20.

In the Media: Quoted in the Oct. 28 Philadelphia Inquirer article, "Sources: Kane's office obtained judge's private emails."

Several of his articles were ranked in the Most-Cited IP Law Articles Published in the Last 10 Years.

Chaim Saiman

Delivered a paper titled, "The Market for Gedolim (authoritative decisors of Jewish Law): A Tale of Supply and Demand," at the Orthodoxy, Halakhah and Boundary Anxiety conference sponsored by the Shalom Hartman Institute in March.

Delivered several lectures on Jewish Law and legal theory at the Limmud Conference in London England in December.

Delivered a paper at a conference hosted by Haifa University Law School titled, "Insurance: Contract's Counter-Narrative," in December.

Served as a Visiting Professor in December at Bar Ilan Law School teaching a course on Jewish Law and Private Law Theory.

Delivered a paper, "Aggdah as Halakhah in the Context of Gender Relationships," to a conference on the Jewish Family hosted by the University of Toronto in November.

Delivered a section of his forthcoming book, Halakhah: The Rabbinic Idea of Law, to the faculty colloquium at University of Michigan Law School in October.

Tuan Samahon

Selected by by the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board to serve as a Fulbright scholar with the law faculty at the University of Zagreb, Croatia.

Organized, with university professor Sarah-Vaughan Brakman, the 2016 Joseph T. McCullen Jr. Symposium, Catholic Social Thought and Emerging Issues in Adoption Law, on April 22.

Spoke to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas chapter of the Federalist Society on "The Scalia Vacancy: Is There a Constitutional Duty to Replace Him?" on March 17 and to the Las Vegas Lawyers' chapter of the Federalist Society on FOIA at Fifty on March 18.