Faculty Highlights - September 2013

Faculty Highlights - September 2013

Andrew Brandt

Spoke at the 2013 Dream Chasers Summit at Temple University on August 30.

In the Media: Quoted in the Philadelphia Business Journal’s September 4 article, “Did the NFL get off light in concussion settlement?

In the Media: Quoted in The Philadelphia Inquirer’s September 2 article, “Prospect of long trial helped drive NFL settlement.”

In the Media: Quoted in the August 30 Bloomberg Businessweek article, “NFL Seen Saving Money After $765 Million Concussion Settlement.”

In the Media: His column, “A Starter from the Start,” was featured on the Sports Illustrated homepage on August 29.

Patrick Brennan

His recent paper, "'The Pursuit of Happiness' Comes Home to Roost? Same-Sex Union, the Summum Bonum, and Equality," 27 The BYU Journal of Public Law 323 (2012), has made more than ten SSRN recent top-ten download lists.

Michael Campbell

In the Media: His op-ed, “Too poor for a health premium subsidy,” was published by The PhiladelphiaInquirer on September 2.

Joseph Dellapenna

Currently a visiting scholar this fall at the University of Gent, Belgium, while on sabbatical.

Spoke on “The International Law of Transboundary Groundwater” at the World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden, on September 1.

Spoke on “How Patterns of Water Law Affect Megacities,” in a conference on Water for Mega Cities: Challenges and Solutions on September 17. The conference was jointly sponsored by the American Water Resources Association and the Beijing Hydraulic Engineering Society.

Michelle Dempsey

Her recent publications—“Victimless Conduct and the Volenti Maxim: How Consent Works,” “On Finnis Way In,” “Defining Sex Trafficking in International and Domestic Law: Mind the Gaps,” and her book review of Michael Zimmerman's The Immorality of Punishment—made the top-ten recent download lists of 21 SSRN e-journals.

Accepted an invitation to present a paper in general analytic jurisprudence, on the topic of authority and obedience, at the University Virginia School of Law in April 2014.

Keith Fogg

In the Media: Quoted in the August 23 edition of Tax Notes.

Abraham Gafni

Selected for inclusion in the 20th edition of Best Lawyers in America in the practice areas of Arbitration and Mediation; he has earned this honor each year since 2005.

Richard Harvey

His article, “Worldwide Taxation of US Citizens Living Abroad: Impact of FATCA and two Proposal,” will be published in a forthcoming edition of the George Mason Journal of International Commercial Law.

Jennifer O’Hare

Her article, “Synthetic CDOs, Conflicts of Interest, and Securities Fraud,” will be appearing in the University of Richmond Law Review in January 2014.

Anne Poulin

In the Media: Quoted in Sporting News’ September 5 story, “Aaron Hernandez arraignment could end with trial date, bail request.”

Michael Risch

In the Media: Quoted in the September 18 Litigation Daily story, “Orrick Scuttles Chip Patent Suit After Damages Ruling.”

In the Media: Quoted in Philadelphia Business Journal’s article, “Trolling for patent dollars,” on August 30.

In the Media: Quoted in Philadelphia Business Journal’s blog post, “Patent lawyers say don’t pick on trolls,” on August 30.

In the Media: Quoted in the August 23 Litigation Daily story, “Is the DOJ Avoiding Domestic Trade Secret Cases?”

Tuan Samahon

Lectured on NLRB v. Noel Canning and the scope of the President's recess appointments power at Brooklyn Law School, Temple Law School, and Widener (Harrisburg).

Defeated, with the assistance of Professor Beth Lyon and the Villanova Law Clinic, the FBI's motion for summary judgment in a FOIA action in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. The FOIA action seeks the release of redacted material concerning J. Edgar Hoover's apparent blackmail of a then-sitting Supreme Court justice.

Participated in American Constitution Society-Federalist Society joint panel at Drexel Law School on the federal budget sequester and the Federal Courts.

Ellen Wertheimer

Appointed an Adviser to the ALI drafting project of the Restatement of the Law Third Torts: Intentional Torts to Persons.

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