University Lectures and Events

Faculty Development


Curriculum Faculty Learning Commons (FLC) Sessions

  • Fall 2016
    • Justice and Peacebuilding are at the heart of What CRS Does.
      • An overview of Catholic peacebuilding
      • The Church’s role in peace processes
      • Transitional justice and reconciliation
      • Interreligious peacebuilding
  • Spring 2017


CRS Ambassador Events and Internships

  • Danielle Radomile '16 (Geography and Environmental Studies), Ashley Seyfried '17 (Geography and Environmental Studies/Polotical Science) (Worked Remotely on GIS Projects), CRS Northeast/Regional Office, Summer, 2016
  • Mary Alice Platt '17 (French and Francophone Studies, Marsha Richard '16 (French and Francophone Studies/Psychology) (Worked Remotely for CRS Central African Regional Office providing translations), Summer, 2016
  • Eric Wagner, Briana Brown '16 (French and Francophone Studies/Geography and Environmental Studies), CRS Madagascar GIS Project, Summer, 2016
  • Rita Marino '18 (English), CRS Northeast/Regional Office, Summer 2016