Accomplishments 2011-2012

University Lectures and Events

  • Villanova/CRS Water, Sanitation, Health (WASH) Training Workshop, Port au Prince, Haiti.  Professors Jordan Ermilio (Engineering) and Seth Whidden (French and Francophone Studies), Daniel Caine (alumni engineering consultant), Theresa Donohue and Kathryn Harter (alumni volunteer translators, facilitators)  May 21-26, 2012.  Training seminar for 27 CRS Haitian staff on the delivery of water, sanitation, and waste management services.  Faculty/student prepared workshop materials, included: lectures and case studies.  Workshop presentations and activities were delivered in English and French and included live lectures, pre-recorded Villanova faculty video lectures, and breakout discussion activities.  Participants were provided with copies of all translated materials and given a certificate of completion at the end of the seminar.
  • Spring 2012 French Service Learning Internship Course. Professor Seth Whidden.  Twelve students working under the direction of Professor Whidden translated materials from English to French, prepared by the student team in Professor Ermilio’s Fall 2011 Engineering in a Humanistic Context course for the Villanova/CRS WASH Training in Haiti, May 21-26, 2012.
  • Fall 2011 Engineering in a Humanistic Context Course.  Professor Jordan Ermilio assigns a team of student engineers a course project to develop a framework, topics, slides/visuals for the Villanova/CRS WASH Training in Haiti, May 21-26, 2012.  Carl Stecker (CRS Haiti Head of Program Quality and Support Unit) met with Ermilio’s class on November 3, to review and offer feedback on their work.
  • Gender and Justice: A Global Humanitarian and Development Perspective Symposium 4/18/12 (approximately 325 in attendance):
    • “Responding to Sexual and Gender-based Violence in Humanitarian Crises,” Francisca Vigaud-Walsh, CRS Technical Advisor for Sexual and Gender-based Violence in Emergency Operations.  Respondents: Professor Tim Horner (Center for Peace and Justice Education) and Professor Michelle Dempsey (Villanova Law School) Convened by Professor Lisa Sewell, co-director, Gender and Women’s Studies Program
  • “Global Poverty Reduction and the Gender Lens,” Carrie Miller, CRS Senior Technical Advisor for Health and HIV.  Respondent: Professor Elizabeth Kolsky (History).
  •  The Arab Spring: Transitions in the Middle East and North Africa Symposium, 10/25/11. Mark Schnellbaecher, CRS Regional Director for the Middle East and Europe. Respondents: Professors Catherine Warrick (Political Science) and Maghan Keita (History). (approximately 300 in attendance).
  • “Developing New Business Tools for Smallholder Business Planning and Investment in Poor Regions of the World.”  Shaun Ferris, Ph.D., CRS Senior Technical Advisor for Agriculture and the Environment and Rupert Best, Ph.D., CRS Rural Agro-enterprise Development Specialist.  (Villanova Business School Faculty Seminar and Exploratory Meeting) 9/30/11 (approximately 20 faculty in attendance).
  • Interactive Workshop for Business School students demonstrating CRS’ agro-enterprise innovations and business planning methods, Shaun Ferris and Rupert Best. 9/30/11 (approximately 35 students in attendance) 
  • Playing for Peace: Stay with Sudan; Build a Future. Villanova vs. Seton Hall Men’s Basketball, 1/18/12.  Co-sponsored by Center for Peace and Justice Education, the Villanova Athletic Department, and the CRS Partnership.

Faculty Development

  • Fall 2012: After the Disaster: The Roles and Potential of NGOs, Civil Society, the Media, Military, Governments and Universities, Mark Schnellbaecher, CRS Regional Director, Middle East and Europe; Jack Byrne, CRS Country Representative, Pakistan; Tom Price, CRS Senior Communications Manager; Francis Galgano, Ph.D., Chair, Geography and the Environment; Jordan Ermilio, P.E., Director, Engineering Service Program; Seth Whidden, Ph.D., Director, French and Francophone Studies (attendance: 30 faculty)
  • Fall 2011: The Arab Spring, Mark Schnellbaecher, CRS Regional Director, Middle East and Europe. Respondents: Professors Silvia Nagy-Zekmi (Romance Languages & Literatures),  Sayed Omran (Institute for Global Interdisciplinary Studies), and Francis Galgano (Department of Geography and the Environment) 10/25/11 (approximately 35 in attendance).

Curriculum Global Solidarity Network (GSN) Sessions

  • Spring 2012:
    • Gender, Economics and Sustainable Development
    • Gender, Violence, and Peace Building
  •  Fall 2011:
    • The Arab Spring - 3 one week and 1 two week sessions – 22 classes participated:
      • “The Power of Youth in Building a Peaceful Society”
      • "The Plight of Refugees”
      • “What Can You Do?”
      • “The Challenges before CRS and the NGO Community

CRS Sabbatical

Villanova University was the first university to host a sabbatical for a CRS staff person. Vivian Mennah, CRS’ Middle East and Europe Emergency Preparedness and Response Manager, spent October 17-November 13 on campus researching the repatriation and support services for Iraqi refugees in the U.S.

CRS Internships

  • Carolyn Rau ’13, (Political Science) CRS Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Office, Fall 2012
  • Kerri Robertson ’12 (Political Science), CRS Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Regional Office, Fall 2011
  • Julie Anne Opt, Villanova School of Law, CRS International Headquarters, Baltimore, Summer 2011

CRS Ambassadors

The CRS Ambassadors seem to be growing in number and strength, largely due to Will Stehl’s intensive mentoring of the sector leaders.  

CRS-Villanova Related Research

  • “Incorporating CRS’s GSN E-Broad into Micro Principles Classes,” Cheryl J. Carleton, Department of Economics, Presentation: “Second Annual AEA Conference on Teaching Economics and Research in Economic Education, Boston, MA 5/31/12
  •  "The Peacebuilding Potential of Catholic Relief Services Savings and  Internal Lending Communities in Rwanda," Suzanne C. Toton, Ed.D., Journal for Peace & Justice Studies,  Vol  20, Number 2 (2011): 76-93.