Faith and Learning Scholars Eric Ragone, Mary Frances Roth, Sarah Stankiewicz and Mentor Dr. Tim Monahan.
Faith and Learning Scholars (seniors) Eric Ragone, Sarah Stankiewicz, Mary Frances Roth and their Faculty Mentor Dr. Tim Monahan, John M. Cooney Professor, Accountancy & Information Systems, Dean Emeritus, Villanova School of Business, pictured together prior to the April 7, 2016 Recognition Dinner-Dialogue held annually in the Villanova Room, Connelly Center.
Faith and Learning Scholar program Scholars and their Mentor describe their experience in the article "Mentoring for Faith and Learning" on page 23 in the 2016 issue of Heart of the Matter.


Grover Serrano Dziedzic Topper
Faith and Learning Scholars Faculty Mentor Dr. Gunita Grover with her mentees: Senior Scholars Alexa Serrano, Christina Dziedzic and Colleen Topper.
“What a lovely dinner and conversation we had tonight!  Even though my day started really early – leaving home around 6 am, the conversations were truly energizing and inspiring.  What a wonderful group of faculty and students we have – I feel very blessed to be a part of this wonderful group and the Center.  Thanks for all you both do.”

Gunita Grover, PhD, Assistant Professor, Finance, Villanova School of Business

“Congratulations again on a terrific event last night.  Love, love, LOVE the Faith and Learning events.  What a great chance to relax and simply think and share with Villanovans you never would have met or have "had time" to talk to.
Thank you for all that you do for all of us and for Villanova.”

Carol Toussie Weingarten, PhD, RN, ANEF
Associate Professor, College of Nursing
Adviser, Villanova University Chapter, Student Nurses Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP-Villanova)

Comments from Senior Scholars


How has your reading helped you?

  • "The readings helped me to delve deeper into issues of faith and reason that I had not previously thought about."
  • "Depending on the reading, it has given me some new perspectives to think about and explore more for myself."
  • "The readings, though often not fully thought provoking, are a great jumping off point for discussing how faith is involved in my everday life.  The most helpful part of the program is realizing how there is always room for faith in the day to day happenings of life."
  • "The reading has helped me reflect on various aspects of my life that I otherwise typically overlook. Whether it be vocation, calling, prayer, or centering, the readings help provide insight on topics that are hard to bring up and harder to force yourself to think about. They also help make a starting point for a conversation during dinner."
  • "The readings have provided me with an insight as to how to live a faith-filled life while going about my daily activities and pursuing my passions in school and work."

What is Your Favorite Part of Being A Scholar?

  • "Getting a chance to discuss faith with people from all different backgrounds."

How has being a Scholar in the Faith and Learning Scholars community helped you?

  • "Being a scholars in the Faith and Learning Scholars community has given me the ability to develop relationships with faculty mentors as well as other students who are interested in discussing matters of faith and reason."

How has the Scholar and Mentor Relationship Helped you?

  • "My mentor helped show me how these discussions will remain important in the years beyond graduation and how to keep them a part of my life."
  • "My mentor has allowed me to gain an understanding of how you can definitely live a principled life regrdless of occupation. Honestly, my mentor has been an immense inspiration as a woman committed to her faith and job. Faith is something that appears ever present to her regardless of how busy or overwhelmed she may become."

How has the spiritual support the Center for Faith and Learning provided helped you?

  • "The Center for Faith and Learning has cultivated my faith by challenging me and offering me opportunities for prayer and discussion. I have found the prayer trees during Advent to be especially meaningful, as I pray for another member of the community, and someone prays for me."

What is your favorite part of being a Scholar?

  • "Intergenerational dialogue with other members of the Villanova community having real conversation over good food."

I am a Faith and Learning Scholar because...

 I am a Faith and Learning Scholar because...
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