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Does this agreement pertain only to the BIS degree?

Yes. Villanova University offers a range of academic programs that can be completed on a part-time basis and/or just in the evening, but this agreement applies only to the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary (BIS) degree.

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If I complete a Guaranteed Admission Intent form, am I obligated to attend Villanova University?

No. The Guaranteed Admission program is an opportunity to continue your education with minimal duplication of coursework in the most efficient manner possible. If you change your mind, simply advise the MCCC Admissions Office.

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What is the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree?

Villanova University recognizes that the adult learner brings life and work experiences to the classroom that presents a different dynamic than with traditional age students. We created a flexible core curriculum that meets the needs of adult students yet maintains the major elements of the Villanova core in the humanities, ethics, philosophy, social sciences and quantitative and scientific theory. Additionally, the three majors within this degree were planned with a view towards students' needs as well as major trends within today’s society – such as the role of technology in the workplace and the need for strong ethical and leadership skills.

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How is the degree different from other traditional Part-Time Studies degrees?

The BIS degree requires a total of 120 to 122 credit hours. The BIS degree has a core curriculum of 45 credit hours versus the 60 credit core curriculum for other programs. Students take from 33 to 47 credit hours in their major and the remainder as free electives. This core provides more flexibility and choices so students can select classes aligning with personal interests and experiences.

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Which BIS degree is right for me?

Shown below are the MCCC degrees which are the best fit for the BIS degree and existing majors. Other MCCC degrees can also take advantage of the Guaranteed Admission agreement but you should confer with your advisor to review your options and course selections.

Best Fit
MCCC Degree Villanova BIS Major
A.S. in Accounting General Studies or Leadership Studies or Media & Technology
A.S. in Biological Sciences
A.A. in Communications
A.A. in Mathematics
A.A. in Social Science
A.S. in Science
A.S. in Liberal Studies
A.A. in Education
A.A. in Humanities
A.S. in Management Info Systems Information Systems or General Studies or Leadership Studies or Media & Technology
A.S. in Business Admin.
A.S. in Computer Info Systems

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Is it an oficial Villanova degree?

The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies, with majors in General Studies, Information Systems, Leadership Studies and Media & Technology, has been approved by Villanova’s Board of Trustees. This degree was developed in conjunction with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and has the support of the Dean and faculty of that college. It is a Villanova degree in every respect and is grounded in the humanities as are all Villanova degrees.

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When should I apply?

Students should apply for the BIS degree (choose major in General Studies, Information Systems, Leadership Studies or Media & Technology) by their last semester at MCCC. Admissions are conducted on a rolling basis, so your application will be reviewed and processed for the next semester (fall, spring or summer).

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Are there accelerated options?

Yes! Our FastForward Track makes it possible for you to complete a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree in three years when entering with 60 credits.

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I would like to speak with an advisor to get more detailed information about my interest in General Studies, Information Systems, Media & Technology or Leadership Studies. Is this possible before I even apply?

Absolutely! We welcome the opportunity to work with you as soon as possible. Please call the Part-Time Studies office at 610-519-4300 to arrange for an advising appointment. Telephone appointments are also available for your convenience.

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Are there scholarship opportunities?

You may qualify for our Community College Scholars merit tuition rate program. Eligible students will receive a 20% tuition reduction for each course taken at Villanova (for a total of six semesters). We also offer a part-time Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship.

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In addition to scholarship opportunities, what other kinds of financial assistance are available?

You will be accepted into Villanova as a matriculated part-time student and therefore will eligible for consideration for federal based financial aid as long as you are enrolled for six credits per semester. Other helpful options include the Villanova Employer Tuition Billing Plan and an alternate payment plan which makes it possible to pay for a semester’s tuition in three equal payments. Credit card payment is also accepted for part-time students. Both Financial Assistance counselors and representatives from the Bursar’s office will be available to help you decide on the right payment plan.

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New Technology Programs

A variety of technology programs are under development at CPS.