CPS Academic Calendar

Fall 2017

Aug 23 (W)

Fast Forward 1 begins

Aug 23(W)

Classes begin

Aug 29 (Tu)

Last day for dropping and/or adding classes for full semester courses

Aug 30- 31 (W,T)

Personal Enrichment Registration

Sept 4 (M)

Labor Day - No Classes

Oct 17 (Tu)

Fast Forward 1 ends

Oct 6 (F)


Oct 9 (M)

Semester Recess

Oct 18 (W)

Grades due Fast Forward 1

Oct 16 (M)

Classes Resume

Oct 18 (W)

Fast Forward 2 begins

Oct 18 (W)

Midterm Grades Due (Noon)

Oct 19 (T)

Midterm Academic Standing

Oct 20 (F)

Registration Advising Begins

Nov 8 (W)

Last Day for full semester Authorized Withdrawal without Academic Penalty (WX)

Nov 21 (Tu)

Thanksgiving Recess begins after last class

Nov 27 (M)

Classes Resume

Dec 9   (Sa)

Fast Forward 2 ends

Dec 11 (M)

Final Day of Classes for semester

Dec 11 (M)

Grades due for Fast Forward 2

Dec 12 (Tu)

Reading Day

Dec 13-19 (W, Tu)

Final Examinations for semester long courses (No exams on Sun, Dec 17)

Jan. 2, 2018 (T)

Final Grades Due Fall 2017 Semester (12 Noon)

Jan. 26, 2018 (F)

Last day for submission of work to remove incomplete ("N") grade